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Does Travel Mobile App Matters to Travelers or It Doesn’t Matter

One of the best parts of traveling is “you read through an entire book about the world.” It awakens your soul and teaches you how to enjoy the moment. Probably, this is why traveling has become one of the essential ingredients of a life. So, as far as the act of getting out of our homes matters, the importance of travel apps continue to increase in order to enhance the experience of traveling. Consequently, there is no doubt whether a travel app matters to travelers or not.

With the advent of technology, people demand advancement in every arena that can make their task easy and trouble-free. Just think, instead of lining up in long queues for the bookings, as it used to be a few years back, if people can do it online through mobile apps now what more can create the most unforgettable holiday trip experience for them.

Basically, travelers prefer to have the easiest way to make traveling plans. They don’t want to feel like tourists or nomads while traveling. The travelers want to feel and experience a trip like a localite. To help them with that the travel planning tools should evolve. Whether it’s about finding a location, booking tickets, searching for hotels or choosing any event to attend in a particular city, they should feel like an insider anywhere they go.

How travel app matters to travelers?

It’s important to note that people travel best when they are relaxed, and they will be relaxed during the trip when everything is in under control. To put everything under control for the holiday trip, travel app matters. It will help the travelers to ensure that the tickets and hotel rooms have been pre-booked, the trip has been pre-planned and the entire trip has been properly organized. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why travel app matters to travelers. Let’s have a look, what are the major areas possibly a traveler will look for before planning to go for a trip:-

  1. Flights
  2. Hotels
  3. Transportation (Buses or Car rental)
  4. Maps
  5. Dining
  6. Nightlife
  7. Events
  8. Local attractions
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Smart travelers are looking for more than just a travel agent. Isn’t it? As, the usage of smartphones have become so popular in the newly fashioned lifestyle, consolidating all the travel details and services in one place will be an added benefit for the travelers.

What kind of mobile apps are required in a travel industry?

When we speak about the travel industry, there are a lot of corners that needs to be filled with mobile apps. Basically, the mobile apps are being used to solve the time-consuming tasks and dispense unnecessary paperwork. Also, it helps to collaborate all in one place through the apps ranging from researching location to planning, packing and tracking for a holiday trip. So, it can directly connect the customers with the service providers from across the world.

You can see there are many kinds of travel apps in the market which allows to simplify the long process of holiday trip/travel planning such as TripAdvisor, Travel List, FlightTrack Pro, Trip It, Kayak, etc. Such kind of apps help both the travelers as well as service providers to create a unified travel experience.

In all respect, the travel apps cut the time as well as gives additional features and benefits such as:

  • Organizing all the necessary items needed for the trip, also setting a reminder for the last minute packing.
  • Getting real-time updates and alerts of flights such as delays or cancellations.
  • Syncing travel plans with mobile calendar including flights, hotels, rental car, etc., that will show all the trip details.
  • Searching and comparing flight or hotel deal packages.
  • Getting traffic updates, public transport, city tours street views, audio guide, GPS navigation, etc.
  • Information about a wide array of points of interests in a particular city.
  • Getting alerts of seats availability in flights.
  • List of best restaurants or dishes available in the nearest area.
  • Track expenses during the holiday trip.
  • Currency converter.
  • Language translator.
  • Communicating or exchanging real-time messages with friends and family.
  • Finding directions through online maps.

Do we need to say anything more about why travel app matters to travelers? Sure we will. Basically, the requirement of travel apps is everywhere. If you don’t believe us then you must read through our post how the development of iOS and Android mobile apps are evolving travel industry.

travel app matters


Every traveler prefers downloading “must-have” travel apps on their smartphones. It will be much easier for the travelers if all the above facilities comes with a combo pack in a single app. It is a game changer idea that travel industry should adopt as soon as possible.


As we see, how essential are these travel apps for any traveler, it indicates the importance of mobile app development as well. Therefore, all the travel agents and people belong to travel industry needs to keep up with the technology in order to connect with customers anywhere in the world. If you have an idea to develop a travel app that you’d like to discuss with us, we would love to hear from you. We create robust travel apps with the needs of the travel service providers and users in mind.

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