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Which professions will die out in the next decade?

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The choice of the future profession is a very serious question for young people. Due to the unstoppable modern progress of the technologies, some professions can be irrelevant. That is why young people are seeking to make a right choice. We would like to discuss such hot issue in-depth.

The professions to die out in the next 10 years

The development of technologies – artificial intelligence, automation and robotics – all this makes many human skills and competencies irrelevant. We learned the opinion of our experts: which professions will disappear in 5-10-50 years. In addition, what to do to those who are engaged in them today.

  1. The cashier in the store. In ten years, they will not be needed at all: shoppers will themselves scan bar codes on the product with the help of special software installed on the smartphone and immediately pay with electronic money. Perhaps in some establishments cashiers will still be needed, but with the spread of electronic payments – all the less. Cashiers need to think today how to use the available competencies to develop new professions (like become a specialist in academic writing.
  2. Accounting rules can be algorithmized, and, therefore, services will appear that will allow managers without input from the accountant to enter data and receive the required reporting. Accountants if and will be in demand in 10 years, then only for specific types of business.
  3. Doctors-diagnosticians. Today, serious investments are invested in the creation of artificial intelligence in medicine. Imagine that statistics accumulate in the database about the indicators for the patient which treatment methods were effective. Hundreds of thousands of cases fall into this database and correlations between causes and effects are created. In the presence of such statistics, the software, having received data on the patient’s health indicators, makes the diagnosis much more accurate than the doctor who diagnosed a couple of thousands of diagnoses in his entire career and hardly knows what proportion of them turned out to be correct. As confirmation of this statement, IBM Watson computer, which in 2013 entered commercial operation as a diagnostic doctor in one of the US hospitals. After several years of training, the accuracy of the optimal treatment appointment was 90%. While doctors had only 50% of this indicator.
  1. Already today, 3D printers build the walls of houses and it better than people make. While these printers are quite expensive, but in 10 years their cost will decrease at times. The specialists are still in doubt whether they will be able to build multi-store houses, but I think that in five years we will get an answer to this question. Nevertheless, it is time for masons to master new professions: in 10 years, their skills will be unnecessary. It is possible, for example, to re-qualify as a finisher; an obvious breakthrough in the field of automation of finishing works is not yet visible.

What should people of these professions do? Study! Get a new promising profession or retrain – taking into account new technologies. Just do not sit still, idly, and not fall into the “professional depression.”

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