Top 5 Analytic Tools for Mobile App

Analytics is the most important feature to be incorporated while building an app. Analytics plays a key role in strategizing marketing activities. It helps the companies to understand the users, get insight into their behavior, measure weak and unresponsive areas, measure engagement level and understand the way the user interacts with the app. It helps to determine and analyze app retention by seeing how customers return and interact with the app.

There is plethora of mobile analytical tools available in market. Each tool has its pros and cons. As an app developer we need to carefully select the tool based on our requirement. Below listed are our picks for the top 5 mobile analytical tools




Flurry is a free tool and is very easy and quick to integrate. Flurry analytics was basically built for mobile. It was acquired by yahoo in 2014 Flurry is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and mobile web.

Over 170,000 developers have trusted Flurry to track over 540,000 apps. Some of the major players like Zinga, Snapchat, Skype, Pinterest Subway, Facebook etc trust flurry for their analytics. Flurry helps in tracking app Usage, Audience, Events, Conversions and allows creating of Segments. One major drawback with flurry is that it doesn’t provide real time analytics

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Google Analytics

Google analytics was basically built for website and later extended to mobile apps. It is a free tool and its SDk’s are available only for iOS and Android platforms. Google analytics gives metrics of Acquisition, Audience, Behavior and App Conversion. Major disadvantage with this tool is that it doesn’t support Cohort-based analysis for Retention




Localytics is a real-time analytics and marketing solution. It supports all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML 5. Over 6000+ companies and over 37000+ apps are trusting Localytics for their analytics. Localytics is used by ESPN, HBO, ZipCar, TaxiforSure. Localytics make available the real time data for Tracking Users and Sessions, Events performed by users, Funnels and track revenues. It also has a Marketing module which can be used for Push messaging and campaign attribution.

It is free for 10K MAU (Monthly Active Users) but is charged based on the number of users above the limit.




Mixpanel also offers real-time data collection and reporting. It is fast, focused and easy to use.It supports web and mobile applications. Mixpanel clients include AirBnb, Miniclip, Venmo, WordPress, Kickstarter and Quora. Mixpanel provides event tracking, excellent funnel analysis , Build in Retention analysis and allows Segmentation and reporting. It also provides Push notification and A/B testing option like Localytics.

It is free for 25000 data points(A data point is counted every time an event is tracked with Mixpanel) and then charged according to the datapoints used.



Appsee mobile analytic platform focuses more on behavioralanalytics. It has User recordings, Touch heatmap and realtime analytics feature. It has unique feature of crash recording which helps in detecting the crashes and is useful in reproducing and fixing them. It tracks how the users are interacting with the app and helps to figure out which things are working and which are not.

Appsee gives a free trial for 14 days and the pricing is given on request


Hope this article will help you out in choosing right analytics tool for your mobile app. At riktam we design excellent Android Apps and iOS mobile Apps with smart analytics implementation so that data speaks for your app.


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