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So You Wanna Make Your Own Food App? Here Are Some Tips to Get You Started

Even though there is a myriad of food apps already exist in the app market, it is never too late to build a food app for your own business. Everyone in the food industry must understand one thing. Any business moving to mobile in the facility is a potential source to grow virally. But you must remember to offer something new, whether in design-wise or technology-wise. However, addressing all the potential trouble spots of the consumers can be challenging.

The good news is that a few best practices in food mobile app development can make you well-established in the food industry. Especially, when you are planning for something extra or new to offer, staying on top of some common practice “dos and don’ts” is always a good idea to effectuate. The following section further details a few dos and don’ts for food mobile app development.

1. Provide easy solution for Login/Signup page

The first thing you need to ask yourself before creating login/signup page for your food app is: “Do you need a login/signup page for your app?” If yes, then get it designed right. When formulating a login/signup page you should consider the privacy as well as the convenience of your users. It’s just a food app, so asking too many details up front just to place a food order is definitely not a good idea. Make it user-friendly and ask for details only how much it’s required.

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2. Create an app with intent-based navigation

An app must be created with a navigation target. A mobile app with intent-based navigation assembles information to help you know the important landing places in your app. Navigation basically includes various things such as insight into frequently visited places by users, encourage your users for specific actions, etc.

To make the best use of intent-based navigation of your app, find your users and discover how they usually search stuff in your app through their history and how they go for the actions you want them to perform. This will help you choose a tailor-made navigation for your app as well as ascertain the navigation structure to meet their expectations and priorities.

3. Do: Give your users fast and quick response

When users are on the go, speed is the critical part. Enhancing the speed would give them the best mobile app experience. Even though the user’s connection is slow, you can make your app appear as if it works faster. There are a few tricks and techniques to create the illusion that your app gives faster and quick response such as:

  • Provide instant feedback to the users to indicate that their activity has been recognized.
  • Sometimes you can disguise small delays by showing progress bars which will tell users how long an action will take place.
  • Instead of making your users stare while loading you can have background operations to make the users perform some other related tasks, and they won’t even know that it’s actually loading in the background.
  • Another technique to keep users connected and not bounce back is to have dummy content as content and picture placeholders.


4. Don’t: Making under performing user experience

A mobile app makes it easy to get stuff done. But, if the user experience is complex, it will result in the opposite. So, what does it actually takes to build a world-class mobile app specially for food? What are the major elements to consider about the user experience of the app?

A mobile app should give a pleasant time to the users so that they can navigate the app quickly. They should get what they need right away without any hassle. It may be easy to pinpoint things about a hotel or a store that needs to be improved, but when it comes to your own design of the app sometimes it may get hard to point out flaws before users do. Therefore, always ensure to take a step back, look at the weak points and rectify them in advance.

5. Don’t: Hindering the app with boring or bad looking user interface

People got used to operating great interactive user interface in countless apps. So it is very likely that there is no room for apps with boring or average looking user interface.

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If you are planning to design an interactive app that would help you fit in the mobile space, make sure you build it with user in mind and follow some key principles such as:

  • Give users a call-to-action button to navigate them to the next step.
  • Avoid unnecessary content to give your app a clutter free visibility.
  • The app should not contain complex design elements, however, you must not keep it too simple as well.
  • Users should be able to give real-time feedback and response.
  • Device specific interactions.

6.Don’t: Lack of original ideas

We know that there are million other apps available in the app market among which food apps are more in number. However, you need to have a sense of how your food app can stand out among the other similar category apps and make it an extraordinary one. Hence, you have to make sure that the app doesn’t lack in originality. It has to be a unique app backed with exclusive features and design.

7. Don’t: Making wrong partnership, not-so-popular third party or the bad partnerships relations

You have to make sure that the partnership you are doing to sell your service is with the right people. Because a wrong partner would destroy “your” image and not the partners. If you are into food delivery and looking for a partner to get it delivered, you have to find a partner where everything is right to go to the market and get listed to increase the sales.


Now that you have become familiar with what to do and what not to do for a food mobile app development, you have an opportunity to do research more on the above points and make sure your app idea would really work.

If you are still not sure how to go about it, contact us. We are experts in mobile app development for iOS and Android devices. We possess a decade of experience in developing exclusive mobile apps. Riktam specializes in building food apps which you can check in our impressive portfolio of apps. If you are looking to have a custom app developed or need ideas, we can also help you suggesting great ideas on strategy, design and development.

  • Gabriel Smith says:

    Wonderful article. I am an entrepreneur. I have a food business. Now I am interested in taking my business online. I want to know if you can develop a mobile application for both the Android and iOS device platforms where people can resale their used goods.

  • Maria Rodrigues says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips. Food apps are great for tourists and business people who travel frequently. Guests have the option to search for a restaurant by category, location as well as price. For example, if you are a guest and wants to eat Italian food, you just have to search for it. Then the application display offers from all the restaurants that match your preferences. At the same time, you can see the image of the menu, prices of food and drinks, location, etc.

  • Jason Wilson says:

    Brilliant article! It’s precise and informative. This could be an amazing way to reach more customers. If you are planning to create your own restaurant mobile application, I have a great idea. Have an offer like, if they download your restaurant app on their mobile phones, then you will be offering 10% discount on the entire bill. Take a look at what big food chains do for their online marketing and follow them, as long as you can.

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    Thank you very much for this comprehensive guide. It was really helpful in thinking and creating my mobile app for my food business. These are so helpful! Thanks again and keep up the amazing job you’re doing. It’s inspirational.

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    Thank you and you are very helpful!!

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