App Idea Validation: 4 Effective Ways to Make it Better

What is The Best Way To Validate An App Idea


So, you have an idea for the next big app? Now, what?

Many entrepreneurs think it’s alright to skip the process of validating the app idea. They directly embark the process of mobile app development. Do you think the same way? Well, this doesn’t seem to be a good idea, though. It would be a huge mistake to not to refine your app idea before developing it.

It’s your app idea, so you will be in love with it. But, just because you like the app doesn’t guarantee people will like it too. Isn’t it? That’s why, however, you start with the development, make sure you don’t just dive into coding the app straight away. It’s better to go step by step. Thus, validate your app idea first. How do you test assumptions? How can you find out what customers want?

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There are various ways for app idea validation to make sure that the app you are offering will be a great interest to the users. Let’s see what are they :-

1. Market Research

Reach out to your network and talk to people as much as you can. Look for what already out there. You must always assume that there is an app for everything. Think how you can make it better than any other mobile app like yours. Uncover the pain points of your target users and try to fill their needs. You can look for your competitor’s apps for the reviews they get from their audience. Make a note of two things – what makes them like and dislike the app. You will find people’s suggestions on social media websites such as Facebook, Quora, Twitter, etc.

Google Keyword Planner – This is one simple and easy way to start with the market research. Go for the Google Keyword search. It is a free keyword search tool, so you can begin with planning your keywords that you would like to focus.

2. Minimal Viable Product

Validate An App Idea - MVP

It is also known as MVP. A minimal viable product allows to predicting how many people are interested in your product. Putting a product out and seeing if the customers would like to buy is the best way to validate your app idea.  Focusing on the MVP for your business would help you in bringing your product to market sooner, give you ideas to improve the app, analytical information, feedback, etc. You can read our article on MVP to know how it helps you in validating your app idea.

3. Landing Page

A landing page is another best way to validate the app idea. Even though your app is not ready to publish, you can still get customers to sign up through the landing pages. This will highlight your core proposition of the product.

app idea validationYou will have to create a single web page for the product which aims for the targeted promotion. Your visitors will click to reach your page that will generate traffic. It will guide your visitors towards your intended goal.You can ask them for their email addresses to help them stay updated with the app launch date as well as the offers you make. This will help you predict how many are interested in using your app.

4. Paid Ad Campaigns

Once you create a landing page for the app and it’s ready to go, you need to get as much traffic as possible. For that, you need to do free promotion by sharing the landing page on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Apart from this, you should also start running a small ad campaign at as low as possible for the ROI calculation. You will understand how much your app will cost and how much you will make per download.


Whenever you think of an app idea, make sure you don’t just rush towards the development process. Because you don’t want to be in those millions of abandoned apps just because it’s too complicated for people to understand and use. Hence, always prefer to validate your app idea with actual customers before you start development. It helps in understanding the user need as well as their behavior in a better way. Now that you finish validating your app idea, you are ready to go for the development process.

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Have An App Idea? Hire Dedicated Developers From Riktam

5 Amazing Reasons of Hiring a Dedicated Developer From Riktam is Beneficial

When you are running a business/company, you will certainly need the presence of the mobile app to raise the awareness. In the recent years, the concept of dedicated development model has been getting a lot of play.

The best thing about this concept is, it’s a place to get all under one roof. Whether you need designers for visuals or developers for the creation of an app, you can certainly start hiring them in the easiest way possible from a leading app development company.

Nowadays, many agencies have a foothold on this idea of providing dedicated developers to their clients worldwide. So why choosing Riktam is a good idea. In this article, we have put together a list of few major reasons why we think you should choose us.

1. Developers are highly-qualified

In our talent pool, we have a team of extremely qualified, well-trained, and motivated dedicated developers. They are highly experienced and keep up with the latest technology trends. You can be assured of one thing that your work is being done by the top-notch developers.

They are the most skilled, keen, practiced, and qualified IT specialists who provide high-quality work. When it comes to quality, they provide international standards of work without compromising on quality. Their work ensures to surpass your expectations on your requirements. Before hiring, you can test our developers by assigning a sample task.

2. Get creative approach for your app development

While hiring a developer, we ensure that they have the required technical, analytical and creative knowledge. As they are experienced they can help you with valuable feedback which can be extremely useful for you to make it a successful app.

They have built many cutting-edge apps for both iOS and Android with their creative and artistic touches paying attention to the detail of the app.

3. We maintain guaranteed data confidentiality

Protecting the confidential data is one the most important part of mobile app development. Whether it’s your data security or to protect the customer data, Riktam and it’s employees meet the highest standards of security. We ensure that our dedicated developers maintain a high-end data security and confidentiality.

4. Anticipate for exceptional language skills

We have established a reputation in the app development market for high-quality work. Riktam’s dedicated developers are much aware of the modern technology trends, tools, and programming languages. You can be assured that the developer you will be hiring from us knows the required technology and best practices.

5. Seamless communication for better solution

We have the best possible solution to communicate with our clients better. During the app development process, our dedicated developers ensure to maintain a constant communication with their clients. Whether it’s through email, phone, skype, or live video, the client should be able to communicate whenever they need. It will be easy for our developers to provide feedback and suggestions to their clients if it requires any improvement which will help in meeting the business objectives.


The benefits of hiring a dedicated developer for the app development are enormous. You save a lot of your hard cash, resources as well as time. There are many other benefits that we are sure you would like to have a look at. Read our latest published article which outlines top reasons why you should hire a dedicated developer and what are the advantages of it for your mobile/web development.

Hence, if you need a dedicated developer for hire, whether it’s for iOS application development or Android app development, contact us.

Dedicated Developers

Find Out Who Are The Dedicated Developers, How They Can Help You With The Mobile App Development

Are They The Direct Employees Of An App Development Company?

Many entrepreneurs come with a lot of questions while developing an application. There are many things that confuse them in the initial. Especially while choosing a platform for coding, developers and device platforms. To turn your app idea into a reality, you either have to choose an agency who will design and develop the app or you will have to hire a freelance developer.

This apart, there is one more excellent option that you must opt for and i.e., hiring dedicated developers. Check out our article on the difference between hiring a dedicated developer and a freelancer to know which one is suitable for you.

Further, while choosing a dedicated developer for hire, you may come across many other questions and confusions. A few of the most important questions that you will be happy to see an answer here and they are:-

Who are the dedicated developers? Are the dedicated developers are the direct employees of an agency? How it works?

Dedicated developers are those who will be working exclusively on your project. In other words, they are the core team members who will only work with one client dedicatedly. They are focused on providing world-class quality for client’ success.

The dedicated developers are none other than the direct employees of an app development company. They are the highly skilled developers from a company which consists of a pool of experts. Both, hiring an agency and hiring a dedicated developer from an agency for the app development is cool. You get time for your own work, and to deal with things like promotion and marketing, etc.

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Both of them give a steady cost and guarantee of regular work. Especially, the collaboration with the creative developers become much easier.

However, when you hire a dedicated developer for your project, they just work for you. You will be dealing with the developer directly to discuss your app requirements. It’s like getting your own team or a developer to work on your project. The most important thing is, you get a developer without a headache. Because they specialize in the mobile/web app development field. They are created to give you excellent benefits with affordable prices.

If you want to know more about the benefits of hiring a dedicated developer, read our article here.

When do you need a dedicated developer for your app development?

The advantages of outsourcing a project are many. The dedicated development model is one among them. However, it’s crucial to understand when this model will be a great fit for your business. There are various phases of mobile app development, where you need a dedicated developer for your mobile/web app development such as:

  1. To quickly ramp up the development resources and increase the internal development teams.
  2. To set up your own team of web/mobile app developers.
  3. While working with a tight deadline on a specific project and you need a developer for another project.
  4. Being an enterprise, looking for skill based developers with latest technology knowledge.

Dedicated Developer for mobile app development

In all the above situations, you will require a dedicated developer or a team who can help you tackle on your local markets. The most vital advantage of this model includes a properly nurtured working environment within the organization with required processes, practices, and tools.


Whether you need iPhone app, iPad app or Android application development solutions, our dedicated developers can deliver high quality, scalable and software on latest SDK. They are experts in creating a variety of apps including travel apps, food apps, enterprise apps, startup apps, etc. So, if you need flexibility, convenience, and scalable success in your business, contact us to hire a dedicated developer from our company.

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