How to remove your IP address from Hotmail/ Outlook blacklist

Usage of email and its subsidiary services can have its own pros and cons. Bad usage of email can lead to subsequent problems and can possibly get your IP address in the bad books of the email providers. Getting your email blocked can be of a really bad issue as it can disable you from further communication through your mail address.

Services like Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail etch has its own list of blacklisted addresses and do not deliver the messages sent to the recipients.  These help the mailbox providers from rejecting spammers and dead messengers.

Many services and apps help you in one way or other in getting you out of trouble and staying in the good books of email providers. After all “If there is will, there is an app.”

Below we look at some way you can save your IP address from getting blacklisted my Hotmail/Outlook.

Why Hotmail Blacklisted You??

Before moving onto the further steps involved, determine what made Hotmail list you as a bad email. If you stop the behaviour that triggered them in the first place, Hotmail usually removes your address automatically. If you still think that Hotmail has your IP blocked, then the following steps can help your way out.

Common reasons why Hotmail blacklists IP addresses are:

  • High Bounce rates
  • Huge amount of spams arising from a particular IP
  • Unmatched DNS settings
  • Spam reports from other users
  • Bad IP reputation
  • Forwarding huge amounts of spam emails
  • Bad creation of emails and usage

How to investigate into your Hotmail/Outlook??

Users can use several methods in which you can check whether your email practises has got you into being blacklisted.

  • Check whether your email has received backlogs.

Hotmail itself can give you data’s and logs with which you can use to determine if you are listed.

  • Check if there has been a spike in receiving mails and other services.
  • Use blacklist tools like GLOCK APPS and check if your IP has been denied access. Glock apps are the go to place as they provide excellent service and good quality to users all over the world who have similar problems as long as mailing matters.
  • Check your IP reputation with Brightmail IP reputaion and request them to remove your address if you are being listed. Email providers like Hotmail/Outlook use Brightmail anti-spam filter to check which messages are spam and traps then in their network. If they find that many of your emails are spam, then your address is most likely to be blacklisted.
  • Sign up for services like Microsoft’s Smart Network Data Services(SNDS) which enables you to see traffic arising from your IP and view the volume of sent emails and complaint rates. Data is collected from inbound Hotmail servers and log files. It also shows an easy to consume data with pictorial representations which points out.2
  • Look out for bounce rates. Use GlockApps BounceApps Bounce Monitor to get info about your bounce rates and rejected/denied Hotmail/Outlook mails.

You can use Hotmail rejection notice as to why your IP address is blocked. At first you may get 421 code and Hotmail may start accelerating your mails. If many of the Hotmail users report your ID as spam, then you will receive a 550 code and your IP will be blocked immediately.

How to request Hotmail/Outlook to remove your IP from blacklist ??

Before moving onto further steps and contacting Microsoft for removal request……

  • Make sure that you tried to investigate and fix the problem that triggered them in the first place.
  • Check your IP isn’t listed on major public email blacklists and Spamhaus.
  • Make sure your sender score is above 75, preferably 80.
  • Check your DNS settings and make sure they are correct and just.

Still completed the above processes but still stuck with the problem??

Start by completing the Sender Information Form and give them the necessary details.

If they find that you are providing true and reliable information, then Huraah!! You can see your IP being unblocked from the blacklist.

Also you can visit help pages from Microsoft. Troubleshooting  and junk email highlight numerous other problems which could show why your emails are not being delivered.

Tips : Always try to keep up to date with the email client you are using. Constantly checking your IP and email reputation can be of an immense help as it helps in avoiding unseen mistakes and errors. Keeping fresh logs and errorless sheets can be of great use in the backend processes. Avoid sending useless and meaningless spams to others as it can get you reported and ultimately get your address blocked by the client. No matter what email services you use, use it wisely and avoid getting into silly errors by unseen mistakes from your side.