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How to Succeed and Survive with Your Mobile App Startup

We all know that the mobile app world is a crowded space, where a million other apps exist.

However, there are companies who opt for a mobile app as value addition to the business, whereas there are other companies who are the dedicated mobile app startups.

Almost every startup makes mistakes, and it could be particularly painful if it is a mobile app startup and not survived for long. After all, you put your heart, soul, and hard-earned cash into something you have dream of.

This is why the severe worry of losing the business is common for many. Especially, starting up a mobile app business, growing and surviving in it, is not an easy task. A clear goal and a proper planning can help startups to succeed, though. You need a roadmap that will help you grasp better about your goals, mission, and vision. But, you need to avoid doing mistakes and learn some tricks if you want to survive.

So the question is, how can the startups survive? Well, practice makes everything perfect.

  1. Build a kick-ass service to measure up

The mobile app startup space by itself is challenging. Because it’s all about laying the first stone as you don’t have any portfolio from the past. To get to the end of the mobile app startup’s goal, make sure the service that you will be providing through your app is something unique that the world has yet to see. Else, make sure the app you are going to provide would be something that the existing similar apps will be fighting over. Thus, it’s important to introduce a kick-ass service among your users that is unique and extremely helpful. Keep in mind, if you realize that the service isn’t giving you enough revenue or putting you into a loss, stop investing immediately and think of how to improve it.

  1. Choose the most suitable distribution channel

They will help you get to the right customer. So, what you need to do is, after spending a great deal of time in researching and refining a proper design and implementing user-friendly features and functionality to the app, it’s time to find out the most suitable distribution channel in order to expand the reach. Eventually, building an app and publishing it in the app market might not be enough. Hence, you have to make it noticeable to increase sales of your service. To establish the brand, mostly startups consider SEO techniques that help achieve a high rank in the search to get it in front of the right customers. Apart from this, you can also consider making a partnership with people who are sales-driven.

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  1. Study the market and analyze on innovation

Test it! You won’t like to risk your mobile app startup in beginning itself. Make sure your target users will like the way it looks and works. For making sure, you need people whom you don’t know. You will have to experiment the app with them. But, before you do the test, you need to study the market. Analyze on innovation as well as experiment and prove it to yourself. One thing is true for sure. Whether it’s on Android device or on an iOS device, once you have run the test of your app on one of the mobile platforms, you’re good to go.

  1. Accept it, when things are going wrong with your app

To begin with mobile app startup, you don’t really need experience, but knowledge is vital. The industry knowledge will help you identify when things with the app aren’t working. It will also help you decide when to stop and how to start again. And, you have to accept the failure and negative result, as well. Of course, it’s not easy, as you will be attached to all the hard work you have put in developing the app. But, you cannot run from it, instead, regroup and gather the right people to solve the problem.



Do you own a startup or have brilliant ideas to start your own company with a mobile app? Make sure you have a future-focused strategy and a time-tested formula of hard work that would help your business stand out and make it to the next level to take over the world.

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