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Idea check — before you submit your idea:

Please check that you have:

  • Thought about the idea in-depth and are convinced there’s a real need for it (what problem are you solving?)
  • Did some research on the web and the AppStore to see whether the app already exists and how yours is different
  • Asked at least another 3 people whether this is a good idea
  • Have written a concise summary that explains what it does why anyone should buy it.
  • Thought about how the app will make money for you and everyone involved. Fixed price, in-app purchases, subscription to companion service, etc.
App Idea Submission
App Idea Winner
Application Development

Submit your idea

First you need to tell us about your app in as much detail as possible. All submissions are logged in our database and you’ll get a proof of submission via email.


We will take about 30 days to do some thorough research on the idea and assess it’s potential in the marketplace. We then announce the winner of this contest.

App Selection and Award

The winner of this app idea contest will be awarded by Riktam Technologies, along with a team to start development for the mobile app.

App Development

It can take up to 4 months before the app will reach the AppStores. We then go into the marketing phase and you’ll earn ongoing royalties and enjoy the satisfaction of an awesome app idea.

Submit your App idea

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How many app ideas I can submit?

One user can submit only one app idea for only one platform.

Is my app idea secure and confidential with you?

Yes. It will always be secure and we or any of our associate will not use your idea without your consent. But there may be cases that we recieve similar idea from some other applicant as well.

Who will own the app?

You will have app royality and will be a co-owner with Riktam Technologies.

If my app makes money what will I get?

You will get 70% of net revenue as a royality and 30% will be kept by us towards app maintenance. However you are always free to take up 100% by paying for the app maintenance and upgrades.