And cardboard Ring Boxes

About Scatolificio 2G

Scatolificio 2G manufactures boxes of any size, secured with the best materials and including fine completes and fantastic designs. Their items are the aftereffect of persistent advancement, the main thrust behind targets that are always mindful of the company’s evolving needs.

They are known in each market part that utilizes boxes, providing services as “box designers” equipped for fulfilling even the most demanding solicitations. At Scatolificio Duegi, the boxes are more than negligible bundling – they are a showcasing tool. They can suit generation run.

Their philosophy depends on discovering arrangements that fulfil taste, wants, needs, and your value for money.

What They Offer

They make boxes for any item. Their principle objective is consumer satisfaction; their items are esteemed for their high calibre and reasonable cost.

Having over 40 years of working experience, they put their aptitude into the items, transforming their insight into an additional advantage for their clients. Through consistent research and experimentation, they have built up the capacity to choose and utilize the finest materials available in the market to produce high-quality cardboard boxes.

The imaginative arrangements that they offer their clients regularly envision showcase patterns, enabling them to fulfil the taste and desires of their clients.

At Scatolificio Duegi, an ordinary box is more than insignificant packaging; it is instead a marketing apparatus.

Scatolificio 2G offers an extensive variety of various items. The material that they utilize most is cardboard. However, they additionally utilize different materials. The experience they have picked up in working with cardboard has empowered them to build up a nearness in each part in which packaging is basic. Their altogether adjustable items speak to a critical marketing device.

Cardboard Ring Boxes

They make modified boxes to feature your rings items.

They can deliver facilitated packing for all your rings, making individual completions for the inside to show them at their best. Their unique boxes will automatically complement your valuable items, assisting in distinguishing your brand.

Over the years in cardboard business, they have had the chance to deliver bundling for rings and other products. Some of the cardboard boxes you can get include those for studs, wristbands, watches, accessories, sets, outfit gems, keyrings, sleeve buttons, valuable stones, eyeglass chains, and anklet. The company is always endeavouring each time to discover rich, innovative solutions for packaging.

The soul that has driven them to broaden and find new roads for their items throughout the years stays unaltered. They continue to reevaluate and explore creative solutions for producing high-quality cardboard ring boxes.

The cardboard ring boxes produced by Scatolificio 2G offer experience, expertise, and innovation.


Scatolificio 2G chose to embrace the ISO 9001 standard to acquire personal advantages that incorporate enhancing organization procedures and general execution. The ISO 9001 standard is an administration apparatus given sorting out and assigning errands, with the point of accomplishing consistency in the final product and administrations, and adjustment to client details.

They have confidence in the additional esteem that labourers occupied with making the Quality Management System give through careful, capable management.

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