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Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Developing a Mobile App – Part II

In the first post, Questions you must ask before developing a mobile app – Part I, I have revealed some important questions on choosing between ‘this’ or ‘that’ such as coding platform, device platform, paid or free, outsource or not.

Here, I will be discussing on some more important questions on features of an app. What are the various features you can avail for your app? Whether those features are required in your app or not?

5. Does your app stand out from the crowd?

Ans: In this competitive market of apps, where does your app stand? Does your app solve any unique purpose? If yes, how?

You have to identify how your app makes any difference in the app market.

For example, if your app comes under online clothes shopping. There are almost thousands of online clothes shopping apps already existing in the market.

It has to be somewhere different or must have some uniqueness in features or service in order to attract users to download and use your product.

You must have noticed apps already exist that each app is different from another. Let’s talk about Aditya Birla group’s recent online clothes shopping app abof, it has introduced a new 3D trial room for online shoppers apart from its daily dose of fashion, and style hacks feature.

Voonik gives you recommended options to choose from according to your preferences of size, colour and type of clothes you would like to have in your wardrobe.

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Similarly, your app must serve some uniqueness in its features. Promote your app and its features by actively participating in app marketing. Also, you have to make sure the app is easier to use, great in performance and outstanding in user experience.

6. Does my app need offline access?

Ans: Almost all apps need an internet connection to have access to all its features.

When it comes to UX, putting offline access to an app is great for the users. It makes an app robust in places where internet connection is hard to come by. However, every app cannot have offline capabilities.

But, there are a few app categories which can have offline access within the app such as weather app (AccuWeather), e-book reader app, (Kindle), travel app (TripAdvisor), document app (Google drive), reading app (Pocket), dictionary app (Offline dictionaries), translation app (Google Translate), map app (Google Maps), music app (Spotify), podcast app ( Pocket casts), game app (Jewel Quest), etc.

So, if your app comes under any of these categories then having offline access make sense.

7. Does my app need to be password protected?

Ans: Before answering this question, you will have to know what kind of apps need to be password protected. When it comes to password protection, the first thing that comes to my mind is a banking app. It has to be password protected in terms of security.

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The next great example is the note apps. A note app should be password protected. Why? Because, people like me with short term memory might note everything, even social network login ids and passwords. There are a plenty of note apps available in the app market that is password protected such as GNotes, Sec Notes, etc.

The primary concern of password protection is for security. An app which consists of personal information data of users needs to be password protected.

8. Will the design be a priority for my app?

Ans: Yes, it is on the high priority list after you have got the other details resolved.

In terms of look and feel, an app should consider having an attractive design that will draw in more customers. At its broadest, an app design consists of various factors that need to be considered in terms of look and feel including its functionality, visibility, aesthetics, etc.

If it doesn’t look good, or it’s hard to navigate or understand the usage, basically it’s dead in the water. The user experience is as important as the visual design.

So, it’s performance, storage size and data consumption is equally important in order to have enduring customers.

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The Smartphone users download various apps each day. You will have to make sure your app stands out in order to come in their download list. However, it also has to solve a specific problem that users are facing. Or else, users might not accept anything less.


Everything you need is to create an outstanding app. Hence, you have to understand who your target users are, according to which you can decide what is good or bad for your app.

I hope both the articles (Part I and Part II) will give you a good understanding on, how you should go about developing a mobile app. Putting all the points together in the table, concentrate on what all features, platforms and options suits your app.

Do you have any more questions to ask regarding developing a mobile app? You can put your questions in the below comment section. I will be pleased to answer your questions.


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