iOS and Android Apps Development for Startups

Having developed 300+ apps, we understand the special needs of startups – technical advice, flexibility, speed – and our team is streamlined to deliver on these parameters.

Become a successful app-entrepreneur

Make your dreams a reality

Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative mobile app idea?

Do you know what it takes to build a great app?

We work with start-ups and work with them from simply having an idea to getting a full blown app published on app stores!

We develop apps for iOS and Android platforms.

How does it work?

1. Initial contact

You contact us with a brief description of what your idea entails. We get in touch with you and start the conversation.

2 . Brainstorm

We will brainstorm about the idea with you and do our best to refine it. Having worked on dozens of projects, we are experts at bringing our unique perspective and add value to your idea.

3. Design

Before even a single line of code is written, our UI specialists will work with you to understand your target audience and objectives in order to come up with the wireframes and visual mockups of your app.

4. Usability testing

We take the designs to the field and test it with sample users. We conduct usability tests to check if they are able to grasp things, if any aspect is confusing, etc. The result of this exercise is that not only the designs look great but are super user-friendly.

5. Coding and Testing

Our app developers take the design, code the app, and bring it to life!

6. Publish

Your app is ready to take the world by storm!

Benefits of working with Riktam

Experts in the industry: We have been developing mobile apps ever since Apple released its first iPhone SDK.

Mobile App Specialists: We don’t do a million different things. Our focus is mobile apps and we are pretty good at it!

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