Looking Beyond Traditional Android Application Stores

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You have built an awesome Android app; now, the next step is to make sure it reaches the end user. One obvious move is to upload it to Google Play store and market your app to increase its visibility. However, in addition to this, listing the app on alternative app stores would provide your app with exposure to an even wider audience. The chances of an app being featured on alternative stores are much higher than on Google Play store. Before targeting the stores, you need to determine which best suits your app.

[/av_one_full][av_heading tag=’h3′ padding=’10’ heading=’Below is a comparison chart featuring five top Android stores to help you decide the markets to target.’ color=” style=’blockquote modern-quote modern-centered’ custom_font=” size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=’15’ custom_class=”][/av_heading]

[av_table purpose=’tabular’ pricing_table_design=’avia_pricing_default’ pricing_hidden_cells=” caption=” responsive_styling=’avia_responsive_table’]
[av_row row_style=’avia-heading-row’][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’][/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Google Play[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Amazon[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]GetJar[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Slide Me[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]F-Droid[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Total Apps[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1.3+ million apps (as of August 2014)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]250,908+ (as of July 2014)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]350,000[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]21,850[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1,400+ (as of February 2015)[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Total Downloads[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]50 billion+ (as of June 2014)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Data not available[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1.05 billion[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Data not available[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Data not available[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Submission Process Time[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]No review time (usually gets approved within two hours)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Variable time (four days to three weeks)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Variable time[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Variable time (maximum four to five business days)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Variable time[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Countries[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Free-of-charge applications available worldwide (except countries under United States embargoes). Paid applications are available in 135 countries[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Available in nearly 200 countries[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Available in more than 200 countries[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Global store with ‘no country’ restrictions[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Global store with ‘no country’ restrictions[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Payment Options to Purchase Apps[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Credit or debit card (all countries). Google Wallet/direct carrier billing/Paypal/gift cards (selected countries)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Credit cards, Amazon Coins[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Cards and Getjar Gold coins[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Amazon payments (credit card), Paypal, SlideME Wallet, Web Buy[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]N/A (all apps are free and open source)[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Developer Account Cost[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]25$[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]No registration cost[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]No registration cost[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]No registration cost[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]No registration cost[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Developer Revenue Percentage [/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]70%[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]70%[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]N/A (only free apps are accepted)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]80-98% (varies depending on buyer payment method)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]N/A (only free apps are accepted)[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]URL’s[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”][/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”][/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Advantages[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. App submission process is less tedious in comparison to competitors

2. Large number of Android phones come with Google Play store installed, making it much easier for the users to access [/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. Quality apps – as the review process is stringent, users get quality apps

2. Test Drive feature – allows customers to instantly try apps from their web browser

3. Free app per day – giving users a paid app for free per day keeps them loyal. Paid apps gain more exposure, downloads, and ratings, which in turn helps the app do better

4. Reputation – Google’s greatest competitor and has market longevity[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. Reward system and GetJar Gold currency encourages users to download apps

2. Best used with freemium model

3. GetJar has user comments (likes and dislikes, and Facebook support)

4. GetJar was the first store to have the Angry Birds app [/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. SlideME Market comes pre-installed in 140 OEMs

2. All apps have been manually approved after testing

3. Developers can get more than 70% revenue

4. Payment can be processed using Paypal[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. Good for free and open source apps

2. Users don’t have to register on the app store, apps can be installed using F-Droid as the client[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-center-col’]Disadvantages[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. Difficult to achieve visibility – app could get lost in the huge market place

2. Not available in all countries[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. Slow review process

2. Some features, such as Test Drive, are only available in the US[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. Submission process takes time

2. Only free apps are available[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. Submission process takes time[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]1. The apps don’t have reviews or ratings

2. Paid apps and advertisements are not allowed[/av_cell][/av_row]

[av_heading tag=’h3′ padding=’10’ heading=’Which Android app store is your favourite alternative to Google Play Store? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!’ color=” style=” custom_font=” size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=’15’ custom_class=”][/av_heading]

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