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Mobile Responsive Website Development

The traffic from mobile is growing rapidly, and no one should ignore to have a mobile website. At Riktam, we have extensive expertise in developing mobile websites.

When we talk about Mobile Responsive Web Development there are two aspects of this. One aspect is creating a website which delivers seamless experience on mobile devices as well without any break or increasing load time. Second one is to have a dedicated mobile only website which cater all the needs of mobile users. Most of the time mobile only website have an app like experience so that users can be more productive while using mobile only website and businesses can maximize their ROI.

We develop both kind of Mobile Responsive website. At Riktam we have partnered with numerous companies as a Mobile Website Development Company. Ask us for references.

Website with Mobile Responsive design features

At Riktam we recommend our clients to get their website optimised for responsive layout or say mobile responsive design, If there objective is just to display their content on mobile website. As mobile devices has many different OS, Browsers and numerous of screen sizes it require special coding skills and testing capabilities to develop a uniform user experience among all mobile devices.

As a mobile website development company we have a decade of experience in delivering stunning mobile responsive designs.

  • Responsive E-Commerce Web Design
  • Dedicated website for mobile devices

Dedicated Mobile only Website

Many times business have specific requirements for mobile users. If you need a lot of user interactions and deliver specific content over mobile devices or have a complex website structure, we suggest to go for a mobile only version of your existing website. We understand the behaviour of mobile users very well as serving such needs from a decade. We will design a mobile only website which gives an app like feeling and at a same time delivering all the content from your website, will make seamless user experience.

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