iPhone Application Development Services

We at Riktam has established ourself as one of the pioneer iPhone Application Development Company. We have served over hundreds clients till now and published many successful apps to the Apple App Store. Our team is matured enough to take up any challenge which your app has to give. Not convinced? Lets discuss and we’ll amaze you.

DNA : An iPhone App Developed by Riktam

  • An iPhone App developed by Riktam

iPhone Apps – Our passion

Why to Develop an iPhone Application?

Apple’s iPhone is one of its kind device available under smartphone category. The USP of iPhone is its unique design and iOS which is far above than competition. For any user iPhone App Market place is very lucrative and full of all kind of Apps. Only few Apps have been successful to make their mark in user’s mind. Just for a refresher there are more than 700 Millions of iPhone have been sold till 2015 Q1. Isn’t this number impressing?

As iPhone is one of the robust routine device an average user spends more than 3 hours of his daily life in using iPhone. As an iPhone App Development Company we have our 10+ years of experience to deliver what you expect and more than that how user’s expect your app.

How iPhone app is different than other apps?

The user’s and their behaviour while using iPhone makes them an entirely different segment while compare to other devices. Even if we compare iPhone users with iPad user this statement still holds truth. Same users interact or expect different from an iPhone app and an iPad app. Latest study from Hunch shows that iPhone users have highest device loyalty which increases app lifecycle. If we look from iPhone Application designer prospective the Demographic, Technology Awareness, Travel, and choices they make is entirely different than of other device users.

As an iPhone App Development Company we have matured enough to encash above difference and make chart topping iPhone Apps.

iPhone Application which we develop

Social Networking iPhone Apps
Health and Medical iPhone App
Business iPhone App
Lifestyle iPhone App

Travel & Sport iPhone App
Interactive Entertainment iPhone App
Productivity iPhone App
Enterprise Product based iPhone App

Food & Drink iPhone App
Finance iPhone App
Gaming iPhone App
Custom iPhone App Development

Tools used for iPad App Development

Tools We Use For iPad Application Development

  • JSON
  • iOS Machines (Mac/iPad/iPhone/iPod)
  • iOS Simulators
  • iPads

Frameworks Used

  • AddressBook Framework
  • AdSupport Framework
  • AudioToolBox Framework
  • CoreData Framework
  • CoreLocation Framework
  • CoreGraphics Framework
  • iAds Framework
  • MapKit Framework
  • MediaToolBox Framework
  • MessageUI Framework
  • OpenGLES Framework
  • QuartzCore Framework
  • Social Framework
  • StoreKit Framework
  • Twitter Framework

Advantages of using An iPad Application

  • Users prefer a native iPad app than opening a separate website every time. This can make you ahead of your competitors.
  • It is a very simple and effective way to promote your brand image.
  • It connects you with like-minded clients who can reach you directly through your app
  • It increases your exposure in the niche market
  • It keeps you viral and gets you recognized quickly
  • It engages your prospects within your business persuasively and strongly
  • It is a cost effective marketing tool
  • Increased brand loyalty and satisfied customers

The process is clearly divided into five steps, Understanding, Planning, Developing, Deploying, and Maintaining.

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