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Before we learn about apps there is one key difference to understand. An iPhone is routine device due to calling and text message support but when same user needs to experience things, browse in detail or need to find out more, they switch to iPad. As per Gartner survey iPad engagement rate is much higher.

If we learn more major online players, we have a question? When an responsive mobile site which is much easier and cheaper to design when compared to an iOS app, why they design an iPad Application? The second part of same question is when an iOS application supports both iPhone and iPad why we need two different apps?


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iPad Apps – Why Develop and How its different from iPhone

Why to Develop an iPad Application?

Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the worldwide market share in the tablet phone industry. Apple has sold more than 16 millions of iPad and their own study says that it’s an addictive device and replacing computers and laptops for end user usage.
People love to use iPad and more than that they love to use iPad native apps over browsing any website or web apps. This is key reason why iPad App Store has millions of apps.
For example, take Maps. Maps are available to use from browser as well, same like emails, but people rarely use browser versions. If we take example of an E-commerce store users prefer to use native iPad apps than of browsing responsive website. This is the key reason why all major retail players are switching over native apps.

How iPad app is different than iPhone apps?

These both devices share same operating platform which is iOS. by default either of app will support other. But there is a major difference of scree size. Different screen sizes of iPhone and iPad is just a technical differentiator for an iOS App, but if we talk about user engagement and user expectation form a app, there is a huge difference in both the apps. iPhone is a routine device, but iPad is majorly used for detailed navigation, research, social communication, purchases and high end gaming.

iPad apps needs to be much more intuitive as it share bigger landscape compare to iPhone. Again the app development must be driven by clear objective and targeted audience to define which would be primary device for an iOS app while they continue to support both iPhone or iPad and amiable to both the devices via Apple App Store.

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