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Five Simple Ideas To Stay in Touch With Your Customers Before, During and After the Trip

Let’s put the most important thing front.

Are you planning to develop a mobile app for your travel industry? Then you must know that the most important part of a travel app is to get the trust of your customers. It is always hard to create loyal customers if they are unable to pay attention to you. To get their attention, stay in touch with the travelers before, during as well as after their trip.

You have to make sure that you communicate with your customers always. Not just today or tomorrow but whenever they need your help. As a result, you might get customers keep coming back to your app. You get repeat bookings from customers plus they might refer your app to their friends and family. So, being a tour operator, how are you planning to stay connected with your customers?

If you are looking for an answer to this question, below are five of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers.

1. SMS Notifications

In today’s always-connected world, sending notification is the most advanced way to stay connected. SMS notifications, though old school, are still one of the best forms of communication. Especially, when the customers will not have an internet access to check their emails.


For travel apps, SMS are the real-time updates. It can be triggered anytime and for any number of reasons. You can broadcast about what’s happening within your business. You can send them reminders of their pre and post trips on their registered mobile number. So that they would never miss out on their traveling plan.

There are three main advantages of sending notifications for tourism businesses such as:

  • It takes no time to compose like you have to do with the complex campaigns.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • Easy to personalize each message to make the customer feel important.

2. Automated Emails

Just like the SMS notifications, you can send emails to communicate with your customers. An automated email is another amazing way to keep in touch with them. Whenever a user performs any action in the app, an automated email will be sent immediately. Besides, the app will also send the pre and post trip notifications through the emails. It works exactly how it does for SMS notification. The only difference is email needs an internet connection whereas SMS doesn’t.

*Both the platforms consist of similar objectives such as:

  • Confirmation and itinerary email/message
  • Cancellation or modification notifications
  • Inventory status notification
  • Reminder email/message
  • Follow up email/message

3. Social Media Followers

That’s what you need, a huge number of social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The importance of social media in today’s travel and tourism industry is most important. It has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact. These platforms allow you to build social networks with your customers like never before.

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If we see closely, we can spot how travelers use these platforms to research, review, recommend and, even book and buy the travel packages. So, this is an amazing way to stay in touch with your customers. In the post-trip email notifications, you can send your social media website links.

4. Reply Their Comments

When it’s about staying in touch with your customers, responding their comments is essential. Happy customers may like to review or write a comment on your different social media websites. An unhappy customer would also comment or suggest you for making your service better. In this case, you need to reply their comments. You have to make them feel that you care about your guests. Make a friendly communication with them like you do with your friends.

5. Make It Fun For Them

As you will have social media websites, you can run contests to engage your customers. But, make sure you keep it simple and shorter. Shorter and interesting contests have more chances of going viral. Or else, there are chances that people will forget about the contest at all.

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You can create contests like photo submissions, quiz contests related to travel destinations, etc. But make sure you award the winner with an exciting prize. You can choose a partnership with other businesses for the prize such as weekend hotel stay, eat out coupons, gift coupons, etc. It will make them curious to know what’s the next contest coming up so that they will take part.


As a tour operator, it’s your responsibility to stand for them whenever they need you. Your main focus should be providing an unforgettable experience to your travelers. You should not lose the opportunity to communicate throughout their journey. What other tips do you have to stay in touch with your customers? You can share your advice in our below comment section.

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