How to use GB Whatsapp to use dual Whatsapp in android?

Whatsapp, one of the most popular and growing messaging app with its user base over 1 billion active users and has been used to send 4 billion and more messages every day.

Whatsapp is now again in buzz after its launch of all new business chat app named Whatsapp Business in some countries and has made Business easier by communicating more efficiently with customers.

Whatsapp has made our lives a bed of roses with its exceptionally amazing features from text messages to voice calls and video calls, from sharing images, media files to GIFs, documents, and PDFs, and also from sending contacts to sending locations.

What makes Whatsapp feasible and convenient is its privacy policy which allows its user to hide their display pictures and last seen and also deactivating read receipt.

Another striking feature that has glued its user base to use Whatsapp is that it does not charge a single penny for its use which makes it accessible for everyone. Also, it has no add policy which means that no ads are shown anywhere across the application.

It is also seen that Whatsapp is being continuously being updated with many striking features like status and story updates, delete the messages from groups and chats within 7 minutes of duration and many more.

In this growing age of digitalization, almost all smartphones provide the facility of Dual SIM mobile phones.

What if Whatsapp also provided the service of dual accounts on the single phone like using dual SIM-phone to have different numbers to make calls and send messages?

Everyone has wished at least one time that Whatsapp should have provided this service and all of us could have dual accounts on Whatsapp, one for personal and other for the professional purpose. But the hard and bleak truth is Whatsapp cannot be installed twice from the Play store to run two different accounts. Whatsapp allows only having a single account on one device.

There are many Whatsapp MODs which provide the facility of dual Whatsapp in a single device but most of them are not either updated or very complex to use.

All the Tech Greeks would have tried to do so by trying different MODs of Whatsapp and various other methods. Here is best and most efficient way to do so which every one of us can try and enjoy having dual Whatsapp accounts in a single device.

The best MOD of Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp provides the service of Dual Whatsapp accounts on the single device. But IOS users will have to keep their hearts heavy as GB Whatsapp is only available for Android smart phones. The latest version of GB Whatsapp is v6.

The best MOD of Whatsapp

Features of GB Whatsapp

  • Hide online status – this feature allows us to have various options for hiding the status like ‘show status only to contacts’ or ‘show status except’ or ‘only share with’.
  • Hide blue ticks- read receipt can be deactivated means hiding blue tick even if the message is being read.
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide writing tick
  • Hide recording status
  • Hide view status
  • Document – you can send any files such as PDF, TXT, docs upto 50 mb in size or more
  • Camera – you can send high quality pictures
  • Gallery – you can send 90 images in a single time instead of 10 images
  • Audio – you can send any audio clip to the size of 50 mb instead of 16 mb
  • Location- you can share your location in one click
  • Contact- you can select and send multiple contacts in one click
  • Set group name upto 35 characters
  • Options to save any status/story
  • Instantly send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people
  • Call directly on the phone from the app
  • Various language support
  • Ability to pin more than 3 chats
  • Changing the themes as to your desire. Various themes can be downloaded right from the app.

Steps to install Dual Whatsapp apps on the same phone

  1. The first step is to download GB Whatsapp apk .
  2. The next step is that you need to go settings app of your device showing a list of options. One of options naming unknown sources is to be enabled.

naming unknown sources is to be enabled

  1. Another step includes installing GB Whatsapp in Android devices which were downloaded from the apk. And here we get GB Whatsapp icon on our home screen.

GB Whatsapp icon on our home screen

  1. After downloading from the apk, GB Whatsapp opens and you need to click on ‘agree and continue’, by this you agree on all the terms and conditions of GB Whatsapp and want to continue.

GB Whatsapp and want to continue

  1. After clicking on Agree and Continue, the next step is to enter your second mobile number and OTP is being sent to your phone for the process of verification. This step takes some time and a message is displayed on the screen to wait.

a message is displayed on the screen to wait

  1. Once this step is over, another option is whether the user wants the backup of the chat to restores its previous chats of groups and contacts. This step is a bit slow and takes a little time to restore the backup.
  2. The last step is to choose your name and your profile picture.

your profile picture

Follow all these simple steps and the GB Whatsapp is ready for use with its quirky and advanced features. This method is genuine and safe for Android devices. Let’s try our hands on GB Whatsapp!

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