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How Mobile Apps are Shaping Up the Food and Drink Industry

Today, it’s all about mobile, and mobile is all about apps. With the most amazing evolution of technology; mobile trends and mobile apps have become the hottest topic today. In this article, we will discuss the importance of mobile app development for restaurants and bars and how it has evolved in its niche industry.

We think it will be no surprise if we say that there are many restaurants who have started embracing apps and offer the customers Wi-Fi enabled mobiles and tablets at their table.

This kind of technology presents seemingly multiple opportunities to the customers such as:

  1. Placing an order for food or drink right from the comfort of their table without waiting for a waiter to take the order.
  2. Re-ordering food at any time.
  3. Playing games on the tablet or mobile devices while waiting for the food to be served.
  4. Bill getting and paying for the meal.

The demanding food and drink industry need multifaceted mobile apps as it will not only drive customers back for more, it will also engage customers and increase loyalty. This apart, there are restaurants who have provided mobile devices to their servers to help them handle more number of tables than they actually can. It helps to ease the work of their servers.

F&B food apps

Let’s discuss when a restaurant or bar needs to acquire a mobile app for their business.

  • Mobile apps for business infrastructure management: As the mobile app evolution is occurring rapidly in the restaurant industry, the development of mobile apps is necessary throughout the food and drink industry. In such case, developing mobile apps for infrastructure management is significant as well as viable which makes sense. The goal of developing these apps are to enhance the experience of the workers. However, this comes under the enterprise apps, where you have to decide which infrastructure component need to be in place to support and ease the work through the mobile app. When we look at the business infrastructure of food and drink industry, it includes various elements like total cost, business climate, quality of labour, machinery, food, training restaurant, kitchen, etc.
  • Mobile apps for sourcing and inventory management: The mobile app development platform contains the capabilities of sourcing and inventory management. There are many customized version of mobile apps designed to meet the varying requirements of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers that aim to deliver the real-time supply of food ingredients, resources, and other necessities. It basically incorporates a task-list which dispenses pen and paper, and makes easier to check the material levels, manage orders, process payments, and analyze daily activities which in turn increase business productivity.
  • Mobile apps for Cookery: As you know, now there is an app for everything. However, when it’s about cooking, there is always more than one app, no, actually too many of them. From finding recipes, kitchen calculator, a kitchen timer for your culinary arts, to control the temperature while cooking and what not. These kinds of mobile apps have revolutionized the restaurants and bars in the present app development for F&B
  • Mobile apps for food ordering management: Gone are the days when people used to make plans a month or a week ago to hang out with friends or dinner with family in a hotel or restaurant. With a range of food apps, now there are a plenty of possible options that people can find for ordering food directly from a particular restaurant. There are apps for people to find the nearest location and allow them to have a look at the menu, e.g., Zomato. Then there are apps like FoodPanda and Faaso’s, the food delivery apps that connect people with best restaurants around them. Importantly, other than all the above categories, there is one more category which we can’t miss out on is the mobile apps for placing an order at the table within the restaurants that we have already discussed above in the introduction. So, yes it’s everywhere.
  • Mobile apps for feedback: There is this old adage that a customer is always right – listening to their feedback is essential and valuable. Their inputs and suggestions will exhort to make more sound business decisions. So, instead of personally going to each and every customer for taking feedback, it’s more appealing to have in the app itself. An app should be developed, where people can feedback about your restaurant and services.


We live in the age of mobile phones, where we cannot imagine the life without it. The majority of smartphone owners use their phone to engage in a wide range of activities is high. So, there is no better idea than implementing mobile apps to food and drink industry to increase productivity, decrease mistakes and maintain stability.

Riktam is among the top mobile tech companies who provide end-to-end mobile app development solutions for food and drink industry. We are a team of highly focused mobile app development professionals who can give you the best solution for your app requirement. With the help of our experts, we have developed more than 50 mobile apps for cafes, bars, and restaurants. Robert Parker- Wine Advocate, Spoonly, Whizzle, Vendle, Krrunch Time by Pringles, FoodyBuddy are a few to name.

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