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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an App to Boost Productivity

Since the last decade, the success of smartphones and a large number of apps available to the users has helped in no small part. Undoubtedly, these handy lifesavers have made life much easier than it used to be a few years back. Be it for shopping, banking, traveling, eating, chatting or whatever one can think of.

The mobile apps are known to be the great productivity tools, that ease any kind of work to finish in a jiffy.

But, here the question is, can an app boost the productivity of your company? Of course, an app can improve the productivity. No matter whether it’s for any business or for your own company.

A lot of firms, especially startups think that mobile apps made for their business are just a means of customer engagement. However, apart from customer engagement what many firms don’t tend to think is whether internal mobile apps to be used or not. Having internal mobile apps for the teams in a company can actually boost productivity.

Let’s have a look how a mobile app can make your company run more effectively and efficiently:

1. Saves time

Smartphones come in quite handy at work. It helps employees manage their own schedules, to meet the deadline and save time. It’s therefore, many firms who understands the importance of time is already responding to this mobile trend.

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They have created some amazing enterprise apps for their employees. Here are some examples:

  • For field service professionals to keep track of meetings and working hours
  • For business owners and team to create, read and reply to the emails and messages
  • For cardiologist to access real-time patient data along with all the test results
  • For salespeople to save a sales lead and contact information
  • For lawyers to access the vital legal information and news anytime and anywhere—in court, on the road or in the office


2. Reduces costs

There are many ways enterprise apps can reduce the cost of an organization, one of them is the training apps. Training has become an effective form of learning for employees of most companies. Thus, every company conducts training programs to educate and brush up their employees’ skills. It helps them to improve in job performance. In this place, an enterprise app can boost the productivity of your company.

Instead of powerpoint or PDF, these enterprise apps for training includes a variety of media such as videos, podcasts, embedded documents, infographics, charts, graphs, etc., to help make information much more visually stimulating. This process not only saves time but also money from hiring trainers and booking venues. Basically, it helps to reduce costs for your company and increase your profit.

3. Gives flexibility

This is one of the best examples to understand how an enterprise app can boost the productivity of your company.

A mobile app allows employees to work in all kind of situations. Especially, when your team has to go out for work such as departments from sales and marketing, it gives flexibility of collaboration at anytime from anywhere in the world.

This apart, it also gives flexibility of handling additional tasks at the same time as works are getting easier and faster through the mobile app. This makes sense that you should develop mobile apps for your company investing for both iOS and Android device platforms so that all your team will have access to these benefits.

4. Real-time data and actions

The most important role that enterprise apps play in an organization is that it syncs with real-time data and enables you to take an immediate action.

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Whether it’s about reporting, dashboard, tracking, monitoring or analysis, these mobile apps deliver hassle-free experiences.

  • Time and attendance tools
  • Location tracking of employees through GPS
  • Access to time off bookings, schedules, wage and hour compliance rules and employee gross pay
  • Real-time tracking of time and expenses to project for visibility against project budgets
  • To instantly access, approve and keep track of employee’s timesheets, time off, and expenses
  • Visibility into a team’s shift schedules to ensure full team cover


5. Accessibility

Through an enterprise app, employees can securely access and share documents and files anywhere, on any device. It can help your employees facilitate to get to their work documents, presentations, check firm information for sales, compliance, training, etc., always on the go. Other than this, it also enables employees work efficiently, such as easily view and share files, quickly find a file and never lose again, get to the important documents and files when offline, as well as share the data faster from anywhere on the go. Doing this will speed up the process and boost productivity by eliminating the need to spend time looking through computer files and documents.


Mobile apps can be bespoke to your own company. Using the right kind of strategies, there are more of top IT companies who are deploying, creating and managing their own mobile applications to achieve increased employee productivity.

If you are looking for increasing and improving the productivity of your own company or business, it is definitely worth thinking about what kind of apps your company requires that your own team members/employees might use to improve their productivity.

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  • Kirollos Lewis says:

    Hi, Enterprise apps are a rapidly growing area of app development. More than half of all enterprises estimate that productivity in their organizations would increase by 40% or more if most of their work were made mobile. Apps can quickly drive efficiency and effectiveness in different areas of the enterprise: sales and marketing, training, and operations.

  • Mark Bakers says:

    Wonderful article! Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of business, boosting efficiency and productivity, as well as staff morale and customer satisfaction.

  • Nathan James says:

    Nice one…..The world of mobile technologies had changed so much since our first-generation app. Now Android apps are too used for important operations like banking, shopping, sports news, checking local event, blogging and so on. Android apps are available for any task you think your mobile or tablet device can handle. That’s good for them, good for customers and good for the whole company.

  • Matias Cook says:

    Nice! To be truly competitive, every business needs to adopt iOS and Android mobile apps, that employees and customers would love to use.

  • Samuel Berry says:

    My friend owns a company. He decided to use mobile app for his business. He kept saying always “It has become more like a necessity rather than luxury to conduct business while mobile and from anywhere. By utilizing a few key mobile applications, one can increase the business productivity inside and outside the office. These small time saving tricks add up to a big reduction in the amount of time spent for the completion of daily tasks.

  • Carlos Pratt says:

    Great article…..When you take a start for your business, your initial 90 days is the time when being productive is crucial. Putting yourself out in the market and re marketing yourself is the first important step.

  • Lucas Owen says:

    Hi…….Access, mobility, streamlined reporting – all of these attributes are being taken to the next level by mobile apps

  • Juan Paynee says:

    For many small business owners, the start of their business was a singular affair. They became used to pulling long work days, doing everything themselves. As the business grows they will realize they need to begin hiring additional help. You should use the same approach, finding the apps and tools that can help you do it, with your actual day-to-day business.

  • Daniel Frank says:

    Apps for wearable are also starting to make a mark in productivity and collaboration.

  • Erina Dixon says:

    Happy employees are more productive. Clunky or obstinate tools are a source of frustration for your team. They can’t do a good job, even if they want to. Give them the best tools you can so that their job is made easier.

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    Have you come to know about the app Pixelmator. It is an iPad app. Everyone loves to take good photos. So, the app comes integrated with dozens of beautiful templates, frames, typography and other features to add to the images you click. Further, you can even combine images, add text, shapes and use several image editing tools that were limited to Photoshop. For the business user, this can be a valuable part of presentations.

  • Jenefer Ortiz says:

    Unsurprisingly, smartphones are becoming a primary business and productivity tool. It’s exciting to see new apps popping up each week. There are some really great apps out there for boosting productivity.

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    The iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and other mobile devices are a fixture in the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe today. They are set to change the world of business through an intelligent use of mobile apps.

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