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Does Your Business Need a Mobile App

Previously, building an app hasn’t been much preferable among many companies. However, as the use of mobile devices has expanded greatly in the recent years, the app development platforms have evolved significantly. In this article, we will explain does your business need a mobile app, if yes, why and when? However, before we dive into explaining “whether your business needs a mobile app or not”, let’s understand what is the role of a mobile app in an enterprise sector?

If you are running a company, take mobile app into your account. Implementing a mobile strategy depending upon your needs will make your enterprise a true winner. The mobile app can be customized according to the company’s requirement such as getting alerts, weekly reports, sending large files, tracking time spent on projects, to-do lists, getting real-time information, and alike, but you have to make sure that the app is easy to use.

A mobile app has two major attributes and they are:

  • It syncs with the real-time data.
  • It enables you to take an immediate action.

When should you consider building a mobile app for your own company?

Mobile has entered in every aspect of our lives, so has the mobile apps. So, if you think mobile apps are only for the big name brands to increase business and sales, then you are probably wrong. These days, a large number of MNCs, top enterprises, even small companies have their own dedicated mobile app. They are following the mobile app development trend because they understand that it’s the better and smarter way to optimize time.

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The role of mobile app comes in various stages in a company among which we have explained four most-sought-after categories and they are:

  1. Mobile apps for management and planning – One of the most important aspects of the infrastructure of a company is the corporate management system. A management app can be for time management, project, business, documents, and everything that would manage the tasks effectively. So, before going to discuss with the developers to build your mobile app, make sure you specify which type.
  2. Mobile apps for collaboration – If your company acquires offices on different locations across the country or a team who have to travel frequently for the work then your company definitely needs a mobile app for collaboration to stay in touch. Having collaboration apps in a company unlocks the potential to have the far-flung team in sync in a trice such as conducting online meetings, and coordinating to-do-lists. Such kind of apps facilitates hassle-free collaboration that helps communicate and exchange ideas and information about tasks, and contacts, in no time.
  3. Mobile apps for tracking and monitoring – While mobile apps are a convenient option to keeping track and monitor the work, average companies adopt it. Well, if you are not taking advantage of the mobile app development tools out there, for your company, then you are probably missing out from the better productivity. Every big or small company track and manage their time and work spent on different projects or tasks. With an app, tracking and managing become a lot easier. Apart from this, the resources expended in an enterprise in relation to the accuracy can also be tracked through mobile apps.
  4. Mobile apps for analysis, dashboard, and reporting – While all companies keep records and reports to keep track of their workflow, having mobile apps alone can deliver rich experience making it easier for organizations to demonstrate how it’s achieving its key business objectives. No matter where your data is coming from, developing the mobile app for online reporting can create accurate reports and dashboards. Despite, making incisive business decisions, it also helps you and your employees understand the company requirements. There are many advantages of building an app for reporting such as collaborate online to develop and analyze reports together, build new calculations according to analytics, gives quick insights and support for redundancy and backup.


We live in the age of mobile apps. The evolution of mobile apps is no more out in the cold. Unlike a desktop that requires multi-tasks, a mobile application offers rich functionality to perform multiple tasks in the most simple and easiest way. After all, this is what a mobile app do, right?

For enterprises who are ready to start with the mobile app development process, you will need a team of dedicated and experienced professionals whom you can trust. At Riktam, our expert professionals understand the importance of mobile apps for the enterprise of all sizes and in all industries. We are committed to providing enterprise-level business solutions for mobile app development that meet the requirements of your company. Just for you to know, we have developed the most sophisticated and cutting-edge enterprise apps such as iOS app for enterprise HCL ERS, SMRT- Atoms, and ActiveLife/Daxco for YMCAs, a few to name. Comment below if you have any other idea for developing an enterprise mobile app.


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