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Dedicated Developer Vs. Freelance Developer : What’s the Difference?

Before you can decide whether you should hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer from an app development company, define your app development requirements first.

There are various phases of an app development process. Thus, understand first the requirements of your app development. Let’s check out a few phases on which category your requirement falls on:-

  • You are looking to turn your business into mobile and need a developer to get it developed
  • You want to add a few more features to your existing app (mobile or web)
  • Small businesses with short-term projects that the owners and their staff don’t have time to do themselves.

Whether to hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer depends entirely on you. A proper understanding of your development needs, budget and time constraint will help you define your category. Let’s first understand how a freelancer and a dedicated developer work.

Freelancers are simply get hired to finish a specific project. They make the client relationship and timeframe straightforward. However, they mostly juggle with multiple clients at a time. Apart from this, they also spend their time in marketing and networking to find new more projects.

A dedicated developer works for a company on a full-time basis. They are being assigned to a specific project. So, they may either get paid hourly or by salary at the end of the month for work done.

Are you still confused in choosing what’s right for you? We have put together a list of six major differences. We hope you’ll be inspired to do something that will make your decision easier.

1. Expertise Base

A major difference is the level of their expertise.

There are various factors which make a dedicated developer significant than a freelancer. For example, dedicated developers have experience working with a horde of clients on various projects. Even freelancer developers work with multiple clients on multiple projects. But, the level of expertise of a dedicated developer is greater than a freelancer. Because they possess professional experience working with an agency.

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A single freelancer developer might not have the expertise to work in all the fields. Whereas, hiring a dedicated developer can, as the agency will have many experts with hands-on working knowledge. After all, you need a true specialist who will have a lot of experience on the type of app you want to develop.

2. Dedication Level

A freelancer works individually and for many clients simultaneously.  

They might have the calibre but to handle many projects and work on them at the same time delays the deadline. Or you may not get quick response and service at the time you want.

A dedicated developer whereas, will be working dedicatedly only on your project. It is the agency’s responsibility to meet your deadline or to handle unforeseen situations. For example, say, the dedicated developer left the work half way due to illness or any other issue. The agency will provide you with another professional dedicated developer to finish the project in the given time.

3. Communication Medium

Communication is the most crucial part of any app development process.

Whether you pick a freelancer or a dedicated developer, you will like to collaborate with your developer to track the progress.

A good app development company will have real-time project management software and solutions. Hence, a dedicated developer will give you real-time updates as well as hassle-free collaboration on your project easily. They would provide you timely solutions to your requirements. Whereas, a freelancer might have limited resources.

4. Availability

Coming to the next point, let’s take an example of making an alteration or a small change to the app. A dedicated developer that you have hired from the agency will always be ready to work for you anytime. While, the availability of a freelancer is uncertain. Either, they might be working for other clients simultaneously, or something more important than your project.

Apart from this, as we have discussed above, the communication and collaboration with a dedicated developer will be easier than a freelancer. So, when talking about availability, the dedicated developers would win the challenge.

5. Level of Security

Application security is one of the major issues when not doing in-house development. It encompasses various measures such as protecting ideas, critical data, business secrets, and most importantly their trust. We cannot say that a dedicated developer will only offer clients a secure environment and freelancer will not. But, we can assure you that a dedicated developer is more reliable. Because he will be working through a reputed app development company.

6. Resources

Whether it’s about infrastructural facilities, conductive development environment, communication facilities and capabilities, or the project involved technologies, a dedicated developer from an agency will have all these traits compare to a freelancer.

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It can be clearly seen that choosing a dedicated developer from an agency is always better for the application development than choosing a freelancer. However, if you have a budget constraint, hiring a freelancer is beneficial for you. We have the most passionate, creative, dedicated professionals who have a long experience in many developing areas.

So, if you have any requirement on iOS app development or Android app development or Web app development, feel free and contact us. We have the best and the most dedicated developers for your app project.