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Project Delivery

How we build your app

The Project Team

Your project team will consist of a Project Manager, an Analyst, QA/Testing Engineers and Software Engineers. Other resources – UI/UX, Design, Graphics are shared resources and stay on the project as long as needed.

The Project Manager and the Analyst are your key contacts throughout the projectand will connect with you at least once a week. Others you are likely to interact with are the UI/UX and Design team members during the early phases of the project. We encourage clients to interact with other team members wherever possible – but this is entirely optional.

Project Commencement

Projects commences with a detailed Analysis, Planning & Design phase. The software architecture is devised, the Analyst prepares detailed wireframes and UI/UX/Visual Design are completed while the QA engineers figure out their testing plan. In some cases we also identify key challenges for the project and build early demos to ensure these work as expected.

A Project Plan outlining the order in which features will be built and expected timelines for each milestone is created by your Project Manager

Actual development work starts at this point. Software Engineers take over and build your app supervised by a Technical Team Lead and your Project Manager

Agile Development

Riktam follows Agile Development Practices. The goal is to deliver working software frequently so users can give feedback early and often. Course corrections are identified early and hence are less costly while the product can be released faster

The project team is divided into Scrum Teams, and the Project Timeline is divided into Sprints. Sprints usually last for 2 or 3 weeks each.

Each sprint has a set of features planned, with adequate time for bug fixes and adjustments based on feedback. Wireframes outlining every feature and function are prepared and serve as a guide for team.

Clients get access to the latest build at all times. Their feedback is regularly sought and incorporated to ensure that the end product meets all goals and performs very well.

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