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Four Useful Tips : How You Can Effortlessly Develop Your Startup Business Mobile App

It’s not as simple as it seems to develop a mobile app. But, making an app as simple as possible will definitely help you creating a future-ready mobile app. That’s one of the most important tips that you must take into account. If you are planning to develop a Service, Retail, or a Product-Based Startup Business Mobile App, this article has everything that you will find helpful for developing an interactive app.

Food App Visual Branding

3 Effective Ways To Make Your Food App Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want to make a lasting impression on your target audiences and want to attract them to use your food app, you must consider visual branding. You must know what is Visual branding, it’s importance, things that you consider and how to should you do the visual branding.

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How to Succeed and Survive with Your Mobile App Startup

Are you worried about the survival of your mobile app startup? This article is helpful for those entrepreneurs, who are looking to succeed and survive in their startup. It includes a few important factors that you need to keep in your mind. Take these points into your mind and you will be prepared to tackle the backbreaking work involved for survival in your mobile startup .

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​6 Inspiring Posts on Mobile App Growth Stories

In this brief post I’m listing 6 interesting posts on mobile app growth stories – how a few mobile startups achieved millions in app downloads with shoestring marketing budget.

Hope they will inspire you and give you ideas and tips for your own success.


8 Simple App Launch Strategies to Make Your App a Hit

Getting an app developed is not even half the battle. It is far less than that.

The real challenge is getting your app downloaded by thousands of users.

In this post I will show you 8 simple app launch techniques that can get your app off to a flying start.


minimum viable product

Planning a start up? Not focusing on your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can kill it.

​If you’re a sports fan, you know what an MVP is – every major league game has one. But if you’re founding a startup, you should know about a different type of MVP – minimum viable product. Not focussing on your MVP can kill a startup.


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7 Mistakes in Mobile app development that Startups must avoid

Smartphones have become the essential part of everyone’s life due to the presence of apps in it. Apparently, the complete crowd can be found spending more time on their mobile phones rather than the web. That’s why the trend of mobile application development for startups have become increasingly popular today. It’s no secret that there are huge profits in having a mobile app for a business.

So, whether you are running a startup company or planning to start soon, one of the most powerful methods is to go for a mobile application, although, the nature of it depends on the business you run. Undoubtedly, if you are reading this article you are probably an entrepreneur who have a great mobile app idea to make it a functional one. And also, you know that it’s not as easy as to make an apple pie.

When planning to develop an app you have to make sure how good is your app idea. It has to get millions of users willing to engage with your app on a daily basis. Isn’t it? However, a few negligence can ruin the whole idea. To help you with that we have brought to you this article which looks at eight of the major mistakes in mobile app development that usually startups make. Let’s see what are they:

1. Unclear and user-unfriendly app idea

Coming to a ground to play the game with an unclear plan often leads to failure. Being a startup, it’s essential to have a clear idea about the app such as its design, architecture, and functionality. So, before developing an app, as much information as required needs to be gathered about the similar business on the market. You have to research on how an app can be user-friendly. In that case, you must take help through consultations of experts, however, the later part will be handled by the development team.

2. Not choosing the right platform for the app

While developing an app, you will come across a tough situation where you have to decide whether to go for native platform or cross-platform. There’s no one better or worse than the other, in a nutshell, both the platforms have their own pros and cons. Choosing an appropriate platform completely depends on the type of app you have. However, as you are a startup company, we will suggest you to going for a native app platform. If you want to know why then read through our previous article Five Reasons Native Apps are Hotter than Hybrid Apps.”

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3. Thinking that outsource development is a waste of money

Of course not. In fact, outsource development is about making smart and ideal choices on money as well as time, which definitely matters to you. Yes, you are a startup and you might look for a low-budget developer, but the truth is, whether you in-house or outsource, it’s one and the same. In fact, in-house development might take more time than outsourcing. Building an app itself is time-consuming and expensive, however, it can be made a little easier by choosing proper app developers who can finish it within your deadline. A top mobile app development company will always make sure to provide a feature-rich outcome within the deadline and budget. Also, make sure that the mobile app development company provides the facility of usability testing to ensure that there is no bug in your app to ruin the user experience.

4. Making frequent changes during development

Not acceptable. When you work with a good mobile app development company, the best thing is you get transparency on how things are working and how problems are getting resolved. However, making too many changes during the app development is hectic and time-taking. Rewriting the code again, and again is highly undesirable for any app development company, because it will create frictions with the deadline and budget.

5. Not estimating how much you’ll be spending can cost you more

To make an app live, you have to make so many expenditures such as app development, UI design, app maintenance, app marketing, etc. Thus, before developing an app, you must know how much it would cost you. Make sure you consult with your mobile app developer to understand how much your app can cost. Or else, you may end up thinking that you spend more than expected in the long run.

6. Not marketing before submitting the app

App marketing is immensely valuable, and marketing it before submitting is vital in order to increase its visibility. To market an app, you don’t need to wait until the app gets published. Also, don’t forget to integrate social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., for the app marketing, as they are the major areas where you can target your audience and convince them to download your app. It will also help you saving your marketing expenses.

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7. Not taking user feedback

This is one of the major factors of mobile app development to consider because your app is for your users. They are the ones who will pay for it. In order to create an app that will get users attention to download and use it, their opinion matters. They are the most valuable sources who will be helping to make the product better, and better. So, don’t neglect to take feedback of your target users on your app before launching it.


The world of technology, especially the usage of mobile has grown by many folds since the last decade. So, almost all companies including startups as well as the established companies are adopting the mobile strategy for the growth of their business.

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