How to Keep an IT Software Development Company Project on Track



It is common observation that execution of large software projects by an IT Software Development Company is a humungous task and making sure it succeeds is easier said than done. A recent study revealed that at least one project fails within a year of its launch in about 70% of the IT Software Development Companies.

There may be many factors leading to the failure of a software project.  Nonetheless, there are ways to ensure the success of a project by analysing and identifying issues and working towards them. To begin with the businesses need to understand the root cause of failure in order to prevent the project failure. Many businesses more often than not get deeply immersed in the whole software development process and consequently fail to analyse and identify these issues.

In fact, following standard rules and procedures throughout your software development lifecycle beginning with the initial stage to the very end, is one of the best basic methods to make sure your software project is a success.

Take a look at 10 efficient ways which can help you avoid software project failures and keep the project on track.


  1. Everyone is on Same Page

Very often many projects failures are attributed to manager’s or the contracted vendor’s incompetence. Ensure vendor or project head of IT Software Development Company collects adequate information from the client to make your software project a success. A leading report shows that as much as 48% of developers feel the time spent on information gathering is not enough.

Your vendor, in-house team or third-party contractor, through suitable questioning, should be able to assess the nature of the project, and give just about accurate time and budget frames for your project. Subject matter experts and project managers on board the development team is a big plus. An experienced manager will try to understand the business case of the project, and work for the common goal of all stakeholders.

Importance of effective communication in software development project is not overrated. Periodic meetings is a great way to keep everyone informed. Some projects getting off track or being utter failures can be squarely blamed on poor communications, making assumptions, unresolved team issues. The project manager through emails, chats and weekly meetings can ensure everyone is on the same page.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations

After proper assessment of the requirements and nature of the software project by your in-house or outsourced vendor, they should now come up with a realistic timeline for the project. This will make sure that you do not have to run around crazy behind them on agreed timelines. Avoid vendors who keep on changing timelines, which implies that they have failed to gauge the project in its entirety.

Similarly, check whether you are clear with the proposed project costing. Ensure that the costing is purely based on the nature and complexity of the project, and not just on the assumptions. Also be very clear in drawing clauses on future cost changes, etc. in case you are working with a third-party or software outsourcing vendor.

  1. Do Not Ignore Design and Processes

Project planning and designing a roadmap are very important aspects of any software development project. The IT Software Development Company should ask the software team or the contracted vendor to develop a neat design and execution plan. This phase deserves proper devotion. Make sure your team in a hurry to roll out project does not skip this and move forward to coding. This may turn out to be disastrous for your project. Poor planning and execution or rather lack of it may set you off with huge financial costs as well as loss in time and reputation of the company might be at stake.

  1. Set the Goals for Success

Make sure the parameters of success for the software development project are well defined for each step and overall project as well. These success metrics will be the guiding lights for your software team to measure the progress and quality of software project. Therefore, it is essential that the success metrics and KPIs are well-defined by your vendor or project manager and shared with their teams. The functional milestones if not defined might go unchecked which in turn may lead to project failure. Best you can do is make sure that the team has got clear pointers to work upon and succeed with these well-defined success metrics.

  1. Bring in the Right Skills and Talent

It is reported through various studies that skilled developers and project managers have an immense influence on how the software project shapes up and also on its subsequent success. In a report by MSM Software 48% of developers surveyed attributed poor project management to be a chief reason for project failure. Bringing in the right skill set of people in your IT Software Development Company is imperative for a software project’s success. However, many project managers or the vendors repeatedly appoint same set of development team members throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). They overlook the fact that every step in SLDC requires a specific skill set and proficiency for the successful completion of the project. It is also seen that businesses often employ few developers with expertise and supported by semi-skilled developers in order to cut costs. This mistake may cost them dear and may result in software project failure. It is best to interview and ascertain the skill fit of these junior developers before assigning them to your software project.

  1. Frequent Testing is Key

Ensure testing is an ongoing process in the entire Software development life cycle. Code should be tested at milestones pre-defines and design stage. Review of the project’s progress at IT Software Development Company by the in-house project team or the vendor’s team should be an integral part of the development process. Software development team can, therefore, ensure software integration is smooth. Also, this helps in any problems to be caught early on instead of these piling up and making the entire project redundant. In fact, serious issues regarding code and module integration might crop up which can lead to some severe malfunction and errors in the live environment for your client.

If project manager or vendor fails to test at every stage and wait till the end to test the whole project at one go, which may cause serious issues with respect to code or module integration. Testing should never take a backseat; ensure that your team gives testing an equal importance. Failing to do so will surely lead to catastrophic errors in the live environment for you and your clients. Testing should be automated which eliminates chances of errors by manual testing. This will help to detect and fix the bugs and broken codes quickly.

Top 5 Hiring trends for app developers in 2017

Step into the future of hiring trends for app developers in 2017.

Every year we see many technological changes with the inclusion of new devices. According to Forbes, “IDC forecasted that 87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be Tablets And Smartphones.” The tablets and large screen smartphones are rapidly redefining the market.

With changing technology, developers need to keep up with the upcoming trends.

The year 2016 has witnessed some amazing developments in mobile technology such as iPhone 6 and 6 plus, iPhone SE, iOS 10 SDK, Internet of Things, the rise of wearable technologies, to name a few examples.

What else is coming in this new year? Predictions and promises are common to see by the end of the year. But, what trends make the actual difference?

The mobile app development industry has been observing a high demand for mobile apps. With the increasing demand of mobile apps, the industry is growing exponentially.

However, the number of app developers seems to be growing linearly. To meet the ongoing demand for the mobile apps, the existing development teams are already overburdened. So, either you have to wait for the competent developers or compromise with the quality. But, there is a way for everything.

According to Gartner’s report, in this coming year companies will increasingly adopt Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD). It will bridge the app gap. With RMAD platforms, app development and deployment would become easier and faster. It will speed up the process of building applications for mobile platforms by using code-free programming tools.

RMAD helps businesses to quickly build good internal apps to address specific business issues cost-effectively. This apart, the enterprises can also use this tool to build both internal as well as customer-facing apps easily.

Recently, U.S. CIOs have revealed hiring plans and challenges for the first half of 2017. It shows stable tech hiring; security and system upgrades will stay top of mind.

There are many other technological changes that are going to impact the trends in hiring app developers in 2017. Here I am going to discuss the top 5 hiring trends for app developers in 2017. Let’s have a look.

1. Skills in demand for the future

With the expanding technological advances, the demand for efficiency in the production and innovation of mobile app development increases.

Keeping up with these demands and the technological changes, it’s important to find out which skills will be required for an app developer to take the lead. Skill requirements are becoming broader and more stringent. To predict the technical changes in the coming year, you have to understand the skill sets required for app development.

Skills required for the future workforce

  • Scripting languages
  • Test-driven development
  • Test automation and Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Mobile app security
  • Robotic applications
  • mHealth app development
  • Big Data Application Development
  • Apps to facilitate mobile payments
  • Experience in RMAD
  • Cloud-based development
  • Enterprise app development
  • Understanding of IoT and Wearables
  • Swift Programming Language of Apple
  • Beacon technology for iOS

A few of the mobile app development trends will continue in 2017. Mobile app security issues, mobile IoT, cross-platform mobile application development, and making mobile apps SEO relevant are a few to name. So, the skills above-mentioned are a must for hiring developers.

A survey conducted by TEKsystems on IT leaders to name the skills they expect to be the most difficult to find next year. The report says “programmers and developers (42%), networking (29%), security (28%), and architects (28%).” Source

2. Trending app category

What kind of apps will be popular and become most downloaded in the app stores in the coming year?

Gartner’s top prediction for the year 2017 is that the demand for enterprise mobile apps will soar. Therefore, the developers may target enterprises more than consumers.

There are five top app categories for enterprise-specific apps which include enterprise, business & productivity tools, utilities, communication & social networking, and education & reference. Whereas three of these categories utilities, education & reference, business & productivity tools – overlap with consumer specific apps, games and entertainment are the two other trending app categories that fall under consumer apps.

A few other app categories that will take off in the future are the augmented and virtual reality apps, video apps, self-tracking apps, search apps, etc. A lot of future application could be driven by the cloud. IoT has already taken the center stage and will continue with the same pace. The ability to adapt themselves to respond the challenges in the most efficient way is what you need to look for in an app developer.

3. Location-based hiring

Have you ever focused on a location in the recruiting space?

Location matters more than anything while hiring an app developer. It’s because candidates are on the go for job hunting.

In 2017, you will get to see a greater emphasis on recruiting agencies for the app development. Hiring dedicated developers is already trending. In this scenario, you need to know hiring location-based candidates.

A global app vendor with over 20,000 employees may charge $44 per hour for design, $33 per hour to develop the app and $29 per hour to test the app, Forrester said. A smaller company—one with less than 20,000 global workers—prices the build on a different scale and has hourly charges of $71, $60 and $56, respectively.

The location is something else to be factored into the equation. Offshore rates are around 33% to 55% of onsite or local alternatives, but mobile app development is not just about where you are, the report said. Developers in cities where the cost of living or working is high—London, San Francisco, New York—will charge up to three times more for a project purely because they live in a region that is expensive.” Source

4. Domain-specific awareness

Demand for domain-specific capabilities and niche technology skills is high.

This is a hiring trend with strong momentum, which is expected to continue in 2017. The trend is to hire people with domain-specific knowledge in mobile app development. Identifying and qualifying right candidates will be based on their ability to adapt the organizational necessity. This is a smart move to recognize the development skills of an app developer.

Organizations have already started assessing candidates on adaptability and awareness during recruitment. It will continue in 2017 as well.

According to Centaur partner’s prediction, Cloud based app market will escalate at a 30 percent compound annual growth rate through 2018. So, you can have cloud-hosted apps for your app development, which would enable integration and sync of data on multiple devices.

Integrating mobile app technology with cloud compatibility has many powerful benefits. Here are a few of them:-

  • It has the ability to sync all of our devices
  • It can shrink the size of mobile apps while managing memory and bandwidth issues

5. Interview process for app developers

Some preferred to go for the regular hiring process. Others started with social media talent hunting like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find the perfect fit for the organization. A few companies followed the same old campus selection. Many other startups came up with the most innovative ideas for getting the right fit. The employee referral program also came into play more efficiently.

But, how would you recruit the right person for the first time?

Finding and hiring an app developer isn’t that tough, though. But, finding the right one for your requirement can be tricky. The year 2017 would see many other trends for hiring app developers in the recruitment space. Will your business boom in this new year? Will the advancing recruitment trends will help you keep ahead of the pack?

One of the biggest trends taking off that is companies recruiting contingent workers. Most of the companies are choosing to rent rather than hire the talent.

“Standout job ads also play a huge part in recruiting talent in 2017 as the competition to attract quality candidates increases said by Billy Smith, Managing Director at FGS Recruitment.”

Leveraging HR technology tools and sites will help understand better whether a candidate will fit the right skill for the preferred role. In 2017, Data will enhance the human-centric aspect to recruitment, rather than eliminate it said by Angela Bortolussi, the partner at Recruiting Social.

According to Forrester Research and report, ”outsourcing an app build was increasingly prevalent among decision makers.” One-third of all projects are handed over to outsourcing teams for the development. Their survey says, 38% of people that they interviewed preferred hiring a specialist development firm or agency for the development. The firms are being chosen according to the skills and expertise they offer.

However, there is one point where the app idea owner would think about whether to in-house or hire an agency. It’s the cost of development. As noted above, the cost of development varies by location. This apart, the cost also depends on the type of work (its complexity) and how much budget you have decided for the development.

We also conducted a survey by asking a few important questions on hiring trends for app developers in 2017 to a few renowned people in app development industry. Here are a few responses to the questions:

“Which technology you feel will be prominent during 2017?

JavaScript due to mobile and IoT.

What would be the game changer for app developers in 2017?

Know how to handle data and how to understand the business problem your company is trying to solve with data. Go beyond being a developer and become a business consultant that shows your organization how to use data they’re collecting to solve business problems.

One line to define an app developer which you would like to hire?

Able to empathize with the end users.

One line to define a developer who will be outdated in 2017?

One who is unable or unwilling to adapt to changes which are inevitable.

Cross-Platform or native will be the choice of 2017?

Cross-platform – the future of web applications is they will ultimately integrate across all devices providing a consistently excellent user experience (UX).

With the advent of DevOps, and every business being a technology business, developers are in a unique position to become a much more important part of the organization. Don’t be shy. Figure out where you can add value – even if it’s just documenting someone else’s work (you’re learning while adding value).The more you embrace DevOps and data, the more valuable you will become since they’re the future of IT.”

Tom Smith

Principal Consultant, Insights From Analytics

Here is another response from Hiren Patel who is a Marketing Manager in iMOBDEV Technologies PVT. LTD

“We live in the era of technology where we hear about the technological advancements or any version update on a regular basis. It is the efforts of our technological giants that have made a remarkable contribution in bringing the best software or products available for common people.

Changes are only constant in nature. So, according to us, the most prominent technology during 2017 would be AR and VR technology.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Everyone among us are aware of the success story of a mobile game-”Pokemon Go” a game powered by “Augmented Reality”. Besides it, there are many other games that are powered by the Virtual Reality and have laid a successful contribution in entertaining the game-players. So, this gives us the clear perception about rising trends of AR and VR technology in an upcoming year.

As we all know, mobile applications are now boosting the world of technology exponentially. Today, the mobile app development is playing a major role in the market because of increased competition among the mobile app developers.

So, according to us, some of the prominent mobile app development trends that will prove to be the game changer for our app developers in an upcoming year are:

Use of wearables : Wearables are the smart electronic devices having attached microcontrollers that can be worned by the people in order to track the activities without human intervention. They prove to be very useful for business also.

Use of Apple watch apps: Apple watches are gaining more popularity than any other smartwatches in terms of customer satisfaction thus making the lives of people simpler.

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality apps: The use of VR and AR technology is not just limited to games and entertainment. They are being implemented in healthcare also for treating health disorders. Also, they are being implemented for creating travel apps and various sales tools.

Mobile Payments: The number of mobile users is growing rapidly. Nowadays, mobiles are being used frequently for online shopping as well as online payments. So, mobile payments are going to be really the game changer for app developers in an upcoming year.

We would like to hire an app developer who completely fits to our “PICS”rule.

P– Passionate- Should be passionate and more focussed towards the work.

I– Integrity-Should be able to complete the things in a reliable way.

C– Company Fit- Should be cultural fit in the workplace.

S– Smart candidate- Must be capable enough to handle the complex situations easily.

According to us, developers never become obsolete or outdated. They keep on learning the latest technologies and software development methodologies.

Before developing any type of application, the first question that comes in our mind is to choose a platform in which the application is to be developed. As there are a number of platforms available for developing the applications like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. In order to increase the market share of any business, it is necessary to choose a right platform.

As we all know that, the use of mobile technology is emerging day by day. So, according to us, Cross-Platform will be the choice of 2017 as it allows developers to focus on multiple mobile platforms through a single code.”

Some of the reasons to why Cross-Platform is better option are as follows:

1.Reduced Technical Barriers.

2.Greater reach to targeted audience.

3.Cost-Effective Approach

4.Lower Development Costs

Thanks & regards,

Hiren Patel

Marketing Manager

iMOBDEV Technologies PVT. LTD


These are some trends to put a bit of awareness behind how to hire an app developer, the right one. Continuing on the note of trends and technological changes, hiring expectations have increased. Riktam focuses and implements these hiring trends to recruit the best and the right fit for all.

At Riktam, we offer a wide array of solutions for your outsource and offshore software development needs. Energize and enhance your organization’s performance with our development solutions. We are one of the well-known agencies as one-stop offshore staffing solution providers for app developers.

It’s important to consider the trends for hiring an app developer as the success of it depends on this person. Let’s play a waiting game to see which hiring app developers methodology trends in 2017. If you have anything to share with us for adding hiring trends for app developers in 2017, feel free to contact us.

App Idea Validation: 4 Effective Ways to Make it Better

What is The Best Way To Validate An App Idea


So, you have an idea for the next big app? Now, what?

Many entrepreneurs think it’s alright to skip the process of validating the app idea. They directly embark the process of mobile app development. Do you think the same way? Well, this doesn’t seem to be a good idea, though. It would be a huge mistake to not to refine your app idea before developing it.

It’s your app idea, so you will be in love with it. But, just because you like the app doesn’t guarantee people will like it too. Isn’t it? That’s why, however, you start with the development, make sure you don’t just dive into coding the app straight away. It’s better to go step by step. Thus, validate your app idea first. How do you test assumptions? How can you find out what customers want?

app idea

There are various ways for app idea validation to make sure that the app you are offering will be a great interest to the users. Let’s see what are they :-

1. Market Research

Reach out to your network and talk to people as much as you can. Look for what already out there. You must always assume that there is an app for everything. Think how you can make it better than any other mobile app like yours. Uncover the pain points of your target users and try to fill their needs. You can look for your competitor’s apps for the reviews they get from their audience. Make a note of two things – what makes them like and dislike the app. You will find people’s suggestions on social media websites such as Facebook, Quora, Twitter, etc.

Google Keyword Planner – This is one simple and easy way to start with the market research. Go for the Google Keyword search. It is a free keyword search tool, so you can begin with planning your keywords that you would like to focus.

2. Minimal Viable Product

Validate An App Idea - MVP

It is also known as MVP. A minimal viable product allows to predicting how many people are interested in your product. Putting a product out and seeing if the customers would like to buy is the best way to validate your app idea.  Focusing on the MVP for your business would help you in bringing your product to market sooner, give you ideas to improve the app, analytical information, feedback, etc. You can read our article on MVP to know how it helps you in validating your app idea.

3. Landing Page

A landing page is another best way to validate the app idea. Even though your app is not ready to publish, you can still get customers to sign up through the landing pages. This will highlight your core proposition of the product.

app idea validationYou will have to create a single web page for the product which aims for the targeted promotion. Your visitors will click to reach your page that will generate traffic. It will guide your visitors towards your intended goal.You can ask them for their email addresses to help them stay updated with the app launch date as well as the offers you make. This will help you predict how many are interested in using your app.

4. Paid Ad Campaigns

Once you create a landing page for the app and it’s ready to go, you need to get as much traffic as possible. For that, you need to do free promotion by sharing the landing page on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Apart from this, you should also start running a small ad campaign at as low as possible for the ROI calculation. You will understand how much your app will cost and how much you will make per download.


Whenever you think of an app idea, make sure you don’t just rush towards the development process. Because you don’t want to be in those millions of abandoned apps just because it’s too complicated for people to understand and use. Hence, always prefer to validate your app idea with actual customers before you start development. It helps in understanding the user need as well as their behavior in a better way. Now that you finish validating your app idea, you are ready to go for the development process.

Do You Know How To Hire or Choose Dedicated Developers

Do You Know How To Hire or Choose Dedicated Developers

Engage a specialist as per your project requirement

It’s a great idea to hire a dedicated developer for the application development rather than maintaining a developer of little experience. It’s one of the best ways to get the job done without any hassle or go along with a lengthy hiring process. One of the major benefits of hiring a dedicated developer is, it can be customized to your requirements and business needs.

Either you need an extension to your in-house development team or a developer to handle the complete project, this is the best resource. You can have complete control over your project as communication with the professionals are very convenient. So, how are you going to hire a dedicated developer from a company?

Well, considering a few factors would help you in determining how to choose the right dedicated developer for your project. Below is a list of things that you need to ask and analyze according to your requirement while hiring a dedicated developer. They are:-

  1. Experience
  2. Portfolio
  3. Client reviews
  4. Testimonials, if any
  5. What are the technologies they have worked

These are a few things that you need to interview and analyze if the details of the developer match your requisites. Upon evaluation, discuss your requirements, project scope and if there are any other specifications.

hire dedicated developers

Apart from this, there are some other factors on which you need to think twice before you reach any app development company to hire a dedicated developer such as:

  • What is the core idea behind the app development?
  • Which platform should you target (Android or iOS)? A Single platform or both?
  • What kind of app features would exactly meet the user requirements?
  • Is it a unique idea or is there a similar app idea like yours already exists? If it does, how would make it different from others?
  • How much audience rate you are expecting from the app?

So, make sure you analyze everything that has been discussed above. This will help you find the best mobile app development company to hire the most skilled and expert dedicated developers for your awesome project.

A Little More About Hire a Dedicated Developer Service

Isn’t it great to have a dedicated developer working just for you? It’s like hiring your own employee in the simplest way. But they work from a reputed app development center which is surrounded by all the required resources. You will be saving the infrastructural costs. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of hiring costs and employee expenses.

There’s no need to bother about their ability, as the company provides you a developer with the right mix of expertise and skills. You just have to interview and choose the right fit from the huge pool of experts from the app development company. Stay connected with your developer at the assigned working hours and get regular updates.

There’s much more than one can expect for the dedicated development service model. To know what are they, read through an article which speaks about the various advantages of “hire a dedicated developer service.”


When you require app development for your project, you can hire our dedicated resources which provide Android/iOS app development, web development as well as full stack development. So, are you searching for dedicated developers? This is the right place for you. Riktam has a large pool of expertise who are working with us since the inception of the company. No stone will be left unturned to satisfy the client’s’ business requirements. So, feel free to contact us.

dedicated developer

Have An App Idea? Hire Dedicated Developers From Riktam

5 Amazing Reasons of Hiring a Dedicated Developer From Riktam is Beneficial

When you are running a business/company, you will certainly need the presence of the mobile app to raise the awareness. In the recent years, the concept of dedicated development model has been getting a lot of play.

The best thing about this concept is, it’s a place to get all under one roof. Whether you need designers for visuals or developers for the creation of an app, you can certainly start hiring them in the easiest way possible from a leading app development company.

Nowadays, many agencies have a foothold on this idea of providing dedicated developers to their clients worldwide. So why choosing Riktam is a good idea. In this article, we have put together a list of few major reasons why we think you should choose us.

1. Developers are highly-qualified

In our talent pool, we have a team of extremely qualified, well-trained, and motivated dedicated developers. They are highly experienced and keep up with the latest technology trends. You can be assured of one thing that your work is being done by the top-notch developers.

They are the most skilled, keen, practiced, and qualified IT specialists who provide high-quality work. When it comes to quality, they provide international standards of work without compromising on quality. Their work ensures to surpass your expectations on your requirements. Before hiring, you can test our developers by assigning a sample task.

2. Get creative approach for your app development

While hiring a developer, we ensure that they have the required technical, analytical and creative knowledge. As they are experienced they can help you with valuable feedback which can be extremely useful for you to make it a successful app.

They have built many cutting-edge apps for both iOS and Android with their creative and artistic touches paying attention to the detail of the app.

3. We maintain guaranteed data confidentiality

Protecting the confidential data is one the most important part of mobile app development. Whether it’s your data security or to protect the customer data, Riktam and it’s employees meet the highest standards of security. We ensure that our dedicated developers maintain a high-end data security and confidentiality.

4. Anticipate for exceptional language skills

We have established a reputation in the app development market for high-quality work. Riktam’s dedicated developers are much aware of the modern technology trends, tools, and programming languages. You can be assured that the developer you will be hiring from us knows the required technology and best practices.

5. Seamless communication for better solution

We have the best possible solution to communicate with our clients better. During the app development process, our dedicated developers ensure to maintain a constant communication with their clients. Whether it’s through email, phone, skype, or live video, the client should be able to communicate whenever they need. It will be easy for our developers to provide feedback and suggestions to their clients if it requires any improvement which will help in meeting the business objectives.


The benefits of hiring a dedicated developer for the app development are enormous. You save a lot of your hard cash, resources as well as time. There are many other benefits that we are sure you would like to have a look at. Read our latest published article which outlines top reasons why you should hire a dedicated developer and what are the advantages of it for your mobile/web development.

Hence, if you need a dedicated developer for hire, whether it’s for iOS application development or Android app development, contact us.

Mobile App Prototyping 101 : Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile App Prototyping 101 : Advantages and Disadvantages

Want a successful mobile app? Start with mobile app prototyping

First things first! When you are planning to get the app idea into a reality, the first thing you have to do is prototyping. Mobile app prototyping is the most important step to creating a great app. It is an excellent technique that allows you to play with your ideas and concepts. Also, it gives you valuable feedback from your targeted audiences. So, you can shape the final designs according to the expectations of your customer before you even begin the development.

Once you define your goals and what makes you different from the problem you are solving, you may feel excited to jump straight into start designing the app. But, if you are looking for a robust mobile app, take one step back, and start making paper wire-framing. Sketch out a rough paper prototype. Visualize its key functionality and main user flows. Get some insights on the pros and cons of the mobile app prototyping to understand how to start with it.


Prototyping is an iterative process to model a specific aspect of the mobile app. At least one prototype needs to be produced in the early stages of mobile application development life cycle. So that the developers would understand what you want and how you want your app to be look or function like.

mobile app prototyping

There are many benefits of making a prototype in the early stages, below list includes a few of them. Let’s have a look-

  • Developers can easily identify possible improvements and understand the end user expectations early on the process which ensures better quality app delivered.
  • It better fulfills the expectation of the users as it involves end users in the development to know what they anticipate.
  • It helps you to identify as well as rectify a problem at the early stages, so in a way, it’s cost saving.
  • Making prototypes before the mobile app development also ensures a staff training while the real app is still being fully developed.
  • Estimating development costs, timescale, skills and potential resource requirements becomes easy for a developer through prototyping.
  • Exploring ideas and exchanging feedback with the client and end-user will help you in developing solutions that would fit your purpose.


We all know this – everything has its good and bad things. So has the mobile app prototyping. However, it’s vital to identify problems for prototyping solutions to create a better UX design. It has a few cons too, but not really damaging. Let’s see what are they:-

  • To test or check a prototype, you may ask the end users to provide feedback on the design.  By which, you will be asked for more tweaks than required. So it will cause delays in development.
  • For better user experience, sometimes a few features that were designed for the prototype are being removed from the original work. So, if the final app differs more than the prototype, this may disappoint or confuse the users.
  • The end users might ask for various features which were never there in the original user requirements specification. So, this might increase the development time and costs.
  • As prototyping is the starting stage of the development process while focusing a lot of time in the prototype the other parts might get neglected.


As we see, the cons are not really damaging. So you can still stick to your choice of prototyping. Avoid wasting time in the design process without prototyping. Prototyping for the mobile app is easy if you are using the right tools in a right way. Prototyping is expected to simplify the design process to incorporate design and prototyping into the same tool. It saves a lot of time as well as money from unnecessary things. So, the above-mentioned cons can be avoided, though you have to make sure that the prototyping process has been done effectively.

Mobile app prototyping

So you have your app prototype with you. Now, what? It’s time for the development of the app. You must be looking for an agency who can meet your requirements and surpass the end user’s’ needs. You can contact us for your mobile app development. Avail our free consultation for your iOS and Android mobile app development.

Dedicated Developers

Find Out Who Are The Dedicated Developers, How They Can Help You With The Mobile App Development

Are They The Direct Employees Of An App Development Company?

Many entrepreneurs come with a lot of questions while developing an application. There are many things that confuse them in the initial. Especially while choosing a platform for coding, developers and device platforms. To turn your app idea into a reality, you either have to choose an agency who will design and develop the app or you will have to hire a freelance developer.

This apart, there is one more excellent option that you must opt for and i.e., hiring dedicated developers. Check out our article on the difference between hiring a dedicated developer and a freelancer to know which one is suitable for you.

Further, while choosing a dedicated developer for hire, you may come across many other questions and confusions. A few of the most important questions that you will be happy to see an answer here and they are:-

Who are the dedicated developers? Are the dedicated developers are the direct employees of an agency? How it works?

Dedicated developers are those who will be working exclusively on your project. In other words, they are the core team members who will only work with one client dedicatedly. They are focused on providing world-class quality for client’ success.

The dedicated developers are none other than the direct employees of an app development company. They are the highly skilled developers from a company which consists of a pool of experts. Both, hiring an agency and hiring a dedicated developer from an agency for the app development is cool. You get time for your own work, and to deal with things like promotion and marketing, etc.

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Both of them give a steady cost and guarantee of regular work. Especially, the collaboration with the creative developers become much easier.

However, when you hire a dedicated developer for your project, they just work for you. You will be dealing with the developer directly to discuss your app requirements. It’s like getting your own team or a developer to work on your project. The most important thing is, you get a developer without a headache. Because they specialize in the mobile/web app development field. They are created to give you excellent benefits with affordable prices.

If you want to know more about the benefits of hiring a dedicated developer, read our article here.

When do you need a dedicated developer for your app development?

The advantages of outsourcing a project are many. The dedicated development model is one among them. However, it’s crucial to understand when this model will be a great fit for your business. There are various phases of mobile app development, where you need a dedicated developer for your mobile/web app development such as:

  1. To quickly ramp up the development resources and increase the internal development teams.
  2. To set up your own team of web/mobile app developers.
  3. While working with a tight deadline on a specific project and you need a developer for another project.
  4. Being an enterprise, looking for skill based developers with latest technology knowledge.

Dedicated Developer for mobile app development

In all the above situations, you will require a dedicated developer or a team who can help you tackle on your local markets. The most vital advantage of this model includes a properly nurtured working environment within the organization with required processes, practices, and tools.


Whether you need iPhone app, iPad app or Android application development solutions, our dedicated developers can deliver high quality, scalable and software on latest SDK. They are experts in creating a variety of apps including travel apps, food apps, enterprise apps, startup apps, etc. So, if you need flexibility, convenience, and scalable success in your business, contact us to hire a dedicated developer from our company.

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Dedicated Developer For Your Mobile/Web App Development

Hire Developer from a Top Mobile App Development Company

In today’s competitive mobile market, app development is playing an increasingly significant role. There is no sign of slowing in the growth of mobile apps too. So, if you have an app idea and want to get it developed soon, you will have to determine your app development requirements in the first place.

This apart, you will also have to decide whether your business needs an app on a single platform or on multiple platforms. If you are going to develop the app on multiple platforms, you have to decide whether to go for native apps or cross-platform apps. We have written an article on the same topic, which will help you decide which platform to choose. Read here.

Getting down to brass tacks, there is a lot goes into a mobile app development. Hence, it is always recommended that you hire experienced developers. So, it’s always good to outsource the project to a reputed mobile app development company. However, if you have any plans of hiring freelancers, we will suggest you thinking twice. Because there is another option that you can opt for and that is to hire iOS and Android app developers from a reputed mobile app development company. There are various advantages of hiring mobile app developers from an agency.

Let’s get into it and understand the various benefits of going with “Mobile app developers for hire” option.

1. High-end security

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When you develop an app from a mobile app development company, whether outsourcing or hiring their developers for a selected period of time, they will take the responsibility of security. Your project and data are highly secured. You will get the project done within the given time and budget.

2. Availability

No matter who is available and who’s not. When you hire a developer from the app development company, they will make sure that your project will be done as it has been promised. Even though the person who was developing your app fall sick or somehow unable to finish the project, the company will submit it to the other developer who can get it developed in time. So, you don’t have to worry about the availability of the developer.

3. Professionalism

You may need someone who possesses the best skill set in developing mobile apps. Hiring app developers from a mobile app development company gives you the ability to bring in an expert for your project. A mobile app development company will have a team of intelligent and tech-savvy developers, who are expertise in their work.

4. Let’s you stay focused

Hiring a mobile app developer from an agency gives you enough time to stay focused on the other things. You will get enough time to focus and plan a strategy for mobile app marketing, promoting, launching, and publishing it beforehand.

Developer for hire

5. Resources

You don’t have to worry about the resources required for the app development. As the developer hired by you will have all the necessary resources for the development which would be provided by the company.

6. Keep an eye on your project

Mostly, mobile app development companies give access to the work progress, daily activity and project charter of the developer to their clients who are working on it, like Riktam. It’s like you have your own mobile app developer working for the app project.


All you have to do is just post your app development project or contact to a reputed mobile app development agency who provides “mobile app developers for hire.” Riktam Technologies is one of the most reputed and top mobile app development companies who also provide talented developers for hire. Our developers have expertise in developing awesome mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. They are the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile app developers. We are well-known for providing development services at its best, be it for outsourcing or for hire.

If you have any questions regarding above topic, you can leave your comment on the below section. Feel free to contact us.

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Dedicated Developer Vs. Freelance Developer : What’s the Difference?

Before you can decide whether you should hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer from an app development company, define your app development requirements first.

There are various phases of an app development process. Thus, understand first the requirements of your app development. Let’s check out a few phases on which category your requirement falls on:-

  • You are looking to turn your business into mobile and need a developer to get it developed
  • You want to add a few more features to your existing app (mobile or web)
  • Small businesses with short-term projects that the owners and their staff don’t have time to do themselves.

Whether to hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer depends entirely on you. A proper understanding of your development needs, budget and time constraint will help you define your category. Let’s first understand how a freelancer and a dedicated developer work.

Freelancers are simply get hired to finish a specific project. They make the client relationship and timeframe straightforward. However, they mostly juggle with multiple clients at a time. Apart from this, they also spend their time in marketing and networking to find new more projects.

A dedicated developer works for a company on a full-time basis. They are being assigned to a specific project. So, they may either get paid hourly or by salary at the end of the month for work done.

Are you still confused in choosing what’s right for you? We have put together a list of six major differences. We hope you’ll be inspired to do something that will make your decision easier.

1. Expertise Base

A major difference is the level of their expertise.

There are various factors which make a dedicated developer significant than a freelancer. For example, dedicated developers have experience working with a horde of clients on various projects. Even freelancer developers work with multiple clients on multiple projects. But, the level of expertise of a dedicated developer is greater than a freelancer. Because they possess professional experience working with an agency.

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A single freelancer developer might not have the expertise to work in all the fields. Whereas, hiring a dedicated developer can, as the agency will have many experts with hands-on working knowledge. After all, you need a true specialist who will have a lot of experience on the type of app you want to develop.

2. Dedication Level

A freelancer works individually and for many clients simultaneously.  

They might have the calibre but to handle many projects and work on them at the same time delays the deadline. Or you may not get quick response and service at the time you want.

A dedicated developer whereas, will be working dedicatedly only on your project. It is the agency’s responsibility to meet your deadline or to handle unforeseen situations. For example, say, the dedicated developer left the work half way due to illness or any other issue. The agency will provide you with another professional dedicated developer to finish the project in the given time.

3. Communication Medium

Communication is the most crucial part of any app development process.

Whether you pick a freelancer or a dedicated developer, you will like to collaborate with your developer to track the progress.

A good app development company will have real-time project management software and solutions. Hence, a dedicated developer will give you real-time updates as well as hassle-free collaboration on your project easily. They would provide you timely solutions to your requirements. Whereas, a freelancer might have limited resources.

4. Availability

Coming to the next point, let’s take an example of making an alteration or a small change to the app. A dedicated developer that you have hired from the agency will always be ready to work for you anytime. While, the availability of a freelancer is uncertain. Either, they might be working for other clients simultaneously, or something more important than your project.

Apart from this, as we have discussed above, the communication and collaboration with a dedicated developer will be easier than a freelancer. So, when talking about availability, the dedicated developers would win the challenge.

5. Level of Security

Application security is one of the major issues when not doing in-house development. It encompasses various measures such as protecting ideas, critical data, business secrets, and most importantly their trust. We cannot say that a dedicated developer will only offer clients a secure environment and freelancer will not. But, we can assure you that a dedicated developer is more reliable. Because he will be working through a reputed app development company.

6. Resources

Whether it’s about infrastructural facilities, conductive development environment, communication facilities and capabilities, or the project involved technologies, a dedicated developer from an agency will have all these traits compare to a freelancer.

Dedicated developer


It can be clearly seen that choosing a dedicated developer from an agency is always better for the application development than choosing a freelancer. However, if you have a budget constraint, hiring a freelancer is beneficial for you. We have the most passionate, creative, dedicated professionals who have a long experience in many developing areas.

So, if you have any requirement on iOS app development or Android app development or Web app development, feel free and contact us. We have the best and the most dedicated developers for your app project.

UI and UX mobile app design

Basic Ideas to Get an Interaction-Oriented Mobile App Design

Do you want to learn how to improve the UI and UX of your mobile application? To get a good design, you must follow the basic UI principles and a few important rules that make an app awesome. Let’s find out what are they.