How do you stand out in a sea of talent?


Riktam offers exciting careers in technology.

If you are sharp, if you love solving problems, if you seek the best answers and not just the first answers, if you are a self-starter who can work with minimal structure, if you are responsible, professional & personable, and if technology is a passion … Riktam might just be the right place for you.

Our iPhone team was among the first in India and our training program remains one of the best around. Our Web team act as consultants to other, much larger, software houses because we are more agile in mastering the latest technologies.

At Riktam, you will get opportunities to work with some Really Cool Startups, as well as with Billion Dollar brands.

Starting out, you will undergo a comprehensive boot-camp (3-5 months) that will prepare you with real-world skills.

As a junior developer, you will join one of our on-going projects, working under the guidance of a senior developer or architect. We broaden your technical skills by ensuring you are continuously assigned work that challenges you but is within your capability.

As a senior engineer or architect, you will work with clients who themselves are high achievers (and backed by prominent VCs). You will be involved in not just technical details but also product and business decisions as you help bring to life their vision.

People you work with, whether in Riktam or outside will be among the best in their fields and you will learn much from them on a day to day basis.

When you’re not on a client project you will have the freedom to work on your area of interest – be it picking up new skills, learning a whole new language/stack, or your passion project.

We have a friendly, collegial (not college-like!) atmosphere with few restrictions, and with the expectation that team members take ownership of their projects, their personal development and their careers.

In case you’re wondering … we work on native iOS (both Obj C and Swift) and Android, PHP, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Python, HTML5, AngularJS, JQuery and other technologies. In addition to mobile and web applications, we also work on Machine Learning and IoT.