How Development of Android/iOS Mobile apps for Travel are Evolving Travel Industry?

With the rapid adoption of mobile apps by travelers around the world, the travel industry run through every possibility in attempting to make the best out of this opportunity.

Over the past few decades, mobile apps have evolved the travel industry. Almost all the top travel industry professionals are choosing the move to mobile. In this post, we will be talking about how mobile apps can be the future for the travel industry, how it’s evolving and the need of mobile app development for the travel industry.

Measuring the impact and importance of mobile apps, which is increasingly growing, let’s have a throwback to the time when the picture of travel industry was something else than it is now. The travel and hospitality industries have come through many challenges, and it’s no surprise that a few of them still exists today.

There was a time when people were going on a quest to find the travel agent expertise, or booking tickets for traveling and accommodation personally. However, this is the age where everything is fast and handy.

Today, the mobile apps have made our lives much easier. They have become the staple of everyday while making travelling smoother and hassle-free. Mobile apps go hand in hand with every industry, however, the travel industry is one such field which has been ranked as the 7 most downloaded category among mobile applications.

Travelling is not just limited to start from a place, reach the destination and roam around the places. It involves various factors such as:

  • Uploading vacation photos in social networks
  • Finding hotel deals
  • Check-in to a location
  • Looking for holiday packages and deals
  • Flight deals

Forget all the bad trips from a few years back, when travelling and vacation trips were cluttered and unorganized. The instant planning and travelling simultaneously often used to let experience chaos. Luckily, with the evolving technology and advent of travel apps, trips have become easier and organized at present.

Let’s have a look at the travel checklist that one must follow in order to have an organized trip planning. It includes an end-to-end preparation for the trip.

Travel checklist:

  • Research: The first thing you prefer to do is research on location. Once the location is fixed, you may look for hotel rooms availability. Mostly, the destinations for the trip were decided according to the climate or best packages available for summer and winter holidays, which is now easier to find with the presence of travel apps like Cleartrip, Makemytrip,, Goibibo, Expedia,, etc. Well, this is not it! There are also apps to filter the best deal among all these apps, e.g., Trivago.
  • Planning: The next comes under the checklist is planning the entire trip. A good travel application focuses on various characteristics and does it all for you like, where are you flying to, who’s travelling (no. of people), duration of the trip, accommodation, type of activities during the trip, expected weather, according to weather- what to pack, and all that you should plan before you travel. However, preparing the travel checklist is no more a hitch as there are travel companies who are rushing to invest in mobile apps. There are a few iOS and android apps for travel itinerary and packing which literally plan and packs your bags for you, e.g., PackPoint which generates a packing list of check and uncheck items.
Android and iOS applications for Travel Industry

Android and iOS applications for Travel Industry

  • Booking- Once the research and planning have been done, you start booking flights and hotels for travelling and accommodation and other activities like swimming, fancy dinner, running, bicycling, hiking, scuba diving, beach, snow sports, etc. For all these booking categories, you don’t have to call or wait to reach the destination for the booking. As the mobile apps go hand in hand with the travel industry for booking flights, hotels and other activities and there are apps such as Indigo, Cleartrip, Makemytrip, etc.
  • Trackers- This comes during the trip when you have to track your flight timings, hotel availability, check the weather, find directions via GPS, location on maps, etc. You can track them with the same apps through which you have made your bookings. Other than this, you may also need cab bookings like Uber. You can book and track the cab, price and journey through the app.
  • Other activities – The last but not the least, activities that may interest you during your trips which you would like to book for. It could be a food festival, a concert, a professional event, a trekking event, running event, and alike. There are also mobile apps for booking events and other activities, e.g., BookMyShow, which keeps you planned and organized for your trip.
  • Trip sharing (optional)- It’s about recording the whole journey as a travel document. There are apps for clicking pictures, making videos, writing blogs and making a travel document.

The above travel checklist is all about how mobile apps have revolutionized the travel industry. It’s all crystal clear that the mobile apps are the future of travel industry, as the travellers use the smartphones for their trips to plan, book and keep track of everything to make sure it goes according to the plan. Therefore, if your business comes under travel industry, you must make sure that you have the best mobile travel application.

Let’s have a look at the types of travel industry and platforms who need to develop mobile apps for their business. We have split it into three categories and they are :-

  1. Mobile apps for travel agencies and tour operators: As we can see, all the top travel industries boasts their own mobile apps like Tripadvisor, Makemytrip, Cleartrip, and Expedia helping the travelers. Being in the same line of business, they understand the importance of developing mobile applications for travelers as one of the most key strategies which have evolved the travel industry. People use their smartphones every time, even during the trips. In such case, it demands the travel industry to stay connected and engaged with their customers before, during and after the journey to offer an enhanced experience.
  2. Mobile apps for tourism boards: Apart from the bookings, travelers also look for the information about the destinations, directions, etc., which has been made easier through the apps developed by the tourism  boards. Developing Android and  iOS apps under this category provides a complete tourism guide and points of interests backed with maps, navigations, pictures, descriptions, audios and more that easily guide the tourists to reach their destinations. It allows tourism boards and travel industry professionals to provide guidance and resources for the travelers as their own personal tour guide. It helps the travelers finding great local attractions and destinations within the mobile apps.
  3. Mobile apps for travel publishers: Other than the above two categories, there are the travel publishers who offer content on the mobile apps while reaching out to a larger audience. Travel publishers make apps to providing information or say a complete directory of travel destinations and points of interests across the globe backed with information about location map, facilities, services, pictures, descriptions along with travel sources. Well, that’s a challenge in order to generate revenue! Developing Android and iOS apps for the content perspective, it can also generate revenue by combining travel search portals with the travel content. So, this category can have free apps, paid apps as well as freemium apps.


The leisure travelers or the bird of passages are always excited to visit and explore the diverse cultures. In this day and age, they use mobile apps. With the rapid adoption of mobile apps by travelers around the world, the travel industry run through every possibility in attempting to make the best out of this opportunity. In the not so far future, there is no doubt, the complete travel itinerary will be designed in an all-in-one app for planning and visiting with a one-stop travel package for the trip.

Therefore, being in the travel industry, it is important for you to choose the best mobile app development solution provider who will transform your business goals into real values and give travelers the most memorable experience of their life. So, looking for the most dedicated and experienced mobile app developers for your next travel app?

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