How to use GB Whatsapp to use dual Whatsapp in android?

Whatsapp, one of the most popular and growing messaging app with its user base over 1 billion active users and has been used to send 4 billion and more messages every day.

Whatsapp is now again in buzz after its launch of all new business chat app named Whatsapp Business in some countries and has made Business easier by communicating more efficiently with customers.

Whatsapp has made our lives a bed of roses with its exceptionally amazing features from text messages to voice calls and video calls, from sharing images, media files to GIFs, documents, and PDFs, and also from sending contacts to sending locations.

What makes Whatsapp feasible and convenient is its privacy policy which allows its user to hide their display pictures and last seen and also deactivating read receipt.

Another striking feature that has glued its user base to use Whatsapp is that it does not charge a single penny for its use which makes it accessible for everyone. Also, it has no add policy which means that no ads are shown anywhere across the application.

It is also seen that Whatsapp is being continuously being updated with many striking features like status and story updates, delete the messages from groups and chats within 7 minutes of duration and many more.

In this growing age of digitalization, almost all smartphones provide the facility of Dual SIM mobile phones.

What if Whatsapp also provided the service of dual accounts on the single phone like using dual SIM-phone to have different numbers to make calls and send messages?

Everyone has wished at least one time that Whatsapp should have provided this service and all of us could have dual accounts on Whatsapp, one for personal and other for the professional purpose. But the hard and bleak truth is Whatsapp cannot be installed twice from the Play store to run two different accounts. Whatsapp allows only having a single account on one device.

There are many Whatsapp MODs which provide the facility of dual Whatsapp in a single device but most of them are not either updated or very complex to use.

All the Tech Greeks would have tried to do so by trying different MODs of Whatsapp and various other methods. Here is best and most efficient way to do so which every one of us can try and enjoy having dual Whatsapp accounts in a single device.

The best MOD of Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp provides the service of Dual Whatsapp accounts on the single device. But IOS users will have to keep their hearts heavy as GB Whatsapp is only available for Android smart phones. The latest version of GB Whatsapp is v6.

The best MOD of Whatsapp

Features of GB Whatsapp

  • Hide online status – this feature allows us to have various options for hiding the status like ‘show status only to contacts’ or ‘show status except’ or ‘only share with’.
  • Hide blue ticks- read receipt can be deactivated means hiding blue tick even if the message is being read.
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide writing tick
  • Hide recording status
  • Hide view status
  • Document – you can send any files such as PDF, TXT, docs upto 50 mb in size or more
  • Camera – you can send high quality pictures
  • Gallery – you can send 90 images in a single time instead of 10 images
  • Audio – you can send any audio clip to the size of 50 mb instead of 16 mb
  • Location- you can share your location in one click
  • Contact- you can select and send multiple contacts in one click
  • Set group name upto 35 characters
  • Options to save any status/story
  • Instantly send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people
  • Call directly on the phone from the app
  • Various language support
  • Ability to pin more than 3 chats
  • Changing the themes as to your desire. Various themes can be downloaded right from the app.

Steps to install Dual Whatsapp apps on the same phone

  1. The first step is to download GB Whatsapp apk .
  2. The next step is that you need to go settings app of your device showing a list of options. One of options naming unknown sources is to be enabled.

naming unknown sources is to be enabled

  1. Another step includes installing GB Whatsapp in Android devices which were downloaded from the apk. And here we get GB Whatsapp icon on our home screen.

GB Whatsapp icon on our home screen

  1. After downloading from the apk, GB Whatsapp opens and you need to click on ‘agree and continue’, by this you agree on all the terms and conditions of GB Whatsapp and want to continue.

GB Whatsapp and want to continue

  1. After clicking on Agree and Continue, the next step is to enter your second mobile number and OTP is being sent to your phone for the process of verification. This step takes some time and a message is displayed on the screen to wait.

a message is displayed on the screen to wait

  1. Once this step is over, another option is whether the user wants the backup of the chat to restores its previous chats of groups and contacts. This step is a bit slow and takes a little time to restore the backup.
  2. The last step is to choose your name and your profile picture.

your profile picture

Follow all these simple steps and the GB Whatsapp is ready for use with its quirky and advanced features. This method is genuine and safe for Android devices. Let’s try our hands on GB Whatsapp!

OPEC balancing act added $25 per barrel to oil, Saudi minister says

Jan. 26 (UPI) – An OPEC push to adjust the market, which incorporates bolster from makers like Russia, has added about $25 per barrel to oil, the Saudi oil serve said.

The Association of Oil Trading Nations is presently in its second year of a push to deplete the surplus on the five-year normal for worldwide raw petroleum inventories with facilitated creation cuts. The hole between worldwide free market activity since execution a year ago is contracting and holding oil costs close to four-year highs.

Saudi Vitality Priest Khalid al-Falih revealed to Russian news organization Tass the arrangement set a story under the cost of oil and put more income in government coffers. By his read, in any event $25 on the cost of oil is a consequence of the arrangement TODAY KOS.

“Furthermore, the vast majority of that sum goes to the administrations, not to the organizations,” he was cited as saying Friday.

The cost for Brent raw petroleum on this date a year ago was $54.34 per barrel and it’s currently exchanging close to the $70 check. Raw petroleum costs shot up more than 4 percent in the initial couple of days of January, a rally upheld by an expansion of the OPEC assention and geopolitical hazard.

Falih not long ago proposed the arrangement could be expanded well past this year. On the off chance that upheld, it would come up against recommendations that, if costs aroused too high, individuals could begin searching for an exit by the late spring.

The surge in raw petroleum costs, now up more than 5 percent in January, or about $3.60 per barrel, comes as Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil organization, is arranging its first sale of stock this year. Joe McMonigle, a senior vitality expert at Hedgeye Hazard Administration, said Saudi Arabia is currently acting like “an extremist speculator” and attempting to keep oil costs hoisted to get the best out of the Initial public offering read more.

5 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself Against Digital Intrusions

While we can never be completely safe from the threat of viruses and hackers, there are still ways to make digital intrusions much less likely to happen. Unfortunately, users can make the dumbest security mistakes with huge consequences. Here are things you should do to protect yourself:

       1.Change login details regularly: We have heard this over and over again, but many people are still not doing it. They use the same passwords for many accounts and they don’t regularly change passwords. If it is a struggle to remember complex passwords, make your own unique pattern of words, numbers and symbols. As an example, if you love cars, you can repeatedly change passwords by using specific cars make and model, combined with various additions of numbers and symbols. Data leaks are happening regularly and this happens to both companies and individuals. Password cracking methods are getting more sophisticated by leaps and bounds. Hackers are already persistent enough to stalk you on social media and mine potential keywords from your posts or tweets. These keywords can be fed into generator programs to churn out passwords based on the degree of likelihood.


  1. Protect the lock screen: Once data thieves get past your lock screen, they can do anything with your mobile devices. They can order a host of expensive items from Amazon on your name, spam your contacts, read your critical corporate emails or post nasty things on Facebook. It is important that your smartphone is protected with PIN and it’s also a good idea to invest on devices with biometric sensors. Many affordable devices are already equipped with iris, fingerprint and face scanning sensors; so there’s no excuse for not buying them. You can still combine biometric protection with PIN or pattern lock to further improve the security. When using mobile devices, you should be wary of shoulder surfers who can visually steal your passcode and pattern locks.


  1. Use two-step authentications: Passwords and other login details are often leaked out on the web. The best way to protect yourself is by using two-step authentications. An extra layer of security can make your devices a whole lot more secure. Setting up two-step authentication is fairly straightforward. Check how to do that, based on the type of your device and software platform.


  1. Don’t share too much information: You need to be particularly careful when sharing information publicly, because hackers can use it to answer security questions, guess your passwords or steal your identity. As an example, a tweet about your new kitten can be used by hackers to answer security questions of your account. If you feel the need to share photos and personal information, you should consider all implications. It is imperative to restrict the ability of people to guess your login details, regardless of your active social media behaviours.


  1. Don’t treat all Wi-Fi networks similarly: Many people are happy enough to get free Internet access and they often use it without thinking. It’s quite common for people to use free Wi-Fi for accessing social media accounts. Because free Wi-Fi can be used by everyone, it is inherently less secure. If you need to safeguard your devices, it is important to get quality VPN package, so your route to the web is always properly encrypted. Even with VPN protection, it is important to avoid accessing banking and online payment accounts through public Wi-Fi. You can use public Wi-Fi only for browsing the web to get common information without using any login detail. You should always assume that public Wi-Fi is unsafe and you need to use it wisely.

New Technology Trends to watch out for in Australia in 2018

A group of us are travelling to Australia this January for business, and that’s when the conversation started. Most of us are tech freaks and so, apart from business we are also interested to know about the upcoming tech trends in Australia in 2018. While Gartner has already released its own list of strategic technology trends in 2018, there are still many innovations that are expected to excite your tech senses in 2018.

But, before we could take a sneak peak into the upcoming tech trends in Australia, we needed an Australian Visa for our business stay in the country. We needed an ETA on an E-visitor to enter Australia legally. Known as the Electronic Travel Authority, ETA is an electronic permission for those living outside Australia and wish to visit the country for business or tourism. All it requires is to fill up the online application form for the Visa to Australia and there you go!

Now, that we know how to get into the country, let’s see which tech trends are set to rule Australia in 2018.

Advanced Cameras

Inventive software solutions are giving way to new techniques and continuously enhancing the standards of the low-cost digital cameras and the smartphone cameras. While the phones are getting thinner, the images are only getting better with the use of different software.

Self-Driving Taxis

It’s no more just about self-driving cars. The technology has moved up a notch with Waymo launching self-driving taxis in the suburbs of Phoenix. Yes, you heard it right. This will mean more free time, better commuting experience, big breakthrough in AI, reduced accidents, and other developments.

Nintendo Switch

For the video game fanatics, 2018 has some real excitement in store with Nintendo Switch. While it’s not to expensive, it also offers some great games making it an overall attractive package worth the price.

Augmented Reality (AI)

The VR headset by Oculus, that’s estimated to cost around $200 (US) looks to do away with significant reduction in the tendency of nausea, isolation, and the missing eye-tracking function.

Mixed Reality

This is even more interesting with virtual objects and real world coming together. This not just takes a care of many other problems of the VR, but also opens up different possibilities.

When it’s about the trending technology, there are may more such inventive products and concepts that will keep you excited in 2018, but these are definitely the winners to watch out for. So, get your Australian Visa today and explore these tech trends while you are off to your business trip.

The best tech gifts in Australia this Christmas 2017

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is gearing up for the celebrations in their own way. While shopping and decorations are still on, we are all waiting for the chill, Santa and the lovely gifts. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones, tech gadgets and gizmos can make for the best gifts this Christmas in Australia. What better than gifting that latest device to someone who really appreciates tech inventions?

There’s a smartphone, smartwatch, or a human like toy launching every other month, or sometimes even in weeks. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, it can get a little overwhelming to find the best gift. So, we did we a lot of research on what’s popular these days and tried to make things easier for you by categorizing the tech gifts for men, women and kids.

If you are heading for Australia to spend your holidays this Christmas with your friends or relatives, you must know what’s hot in the tech arena that can help you to choose the perfect gift for them. This post focuses on exactly the same topic and will offer several tech gift options to explore. However, before you plan to visit your friends or relatives in Australia, you must possess an ETA visa to enter Australia. ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority is a permit that allows you to stay in Australia for short-term visits like tourism and business. Business does not include work permit and for that you will have to seek a temporary work visa from the government website. ETA is not the usual Visa and so, in simple words without an ETA Visa your entry is restricted in Australia.

Now that you made it to Australia, here are some gifts ideas that can help you make your choice.

Gifts for Her

  1. Belkin Pocket Power without the weight

These lightweight power banks recently launched by Belkin makes for a perfect to gift a lady on the go. Available in two sizes, 5000 or 10000 mAh and a range of colours, it’s big enough to charge a phone at least three times

Price – $39.95 or $59.95

  1. Google Home

Many of us need some help around the house especially women, and that’s when Google Home (the bigger version of the Home Mini) comes handy. While the Google Assistant can help you find something inside the house without a move, or get a recipe, it can also connect to other accessories like smart bulbs and more.

Price – $199

  1. Apple iPad Mini 4

What about an Apple iPad as a gif this Christmas? The Mini 4 version of this awesome device offers that added screen space to those who wanted it all this while. The thickness is merely 6.1mm making it thinner than most iPhones. While it’s perfect for her to do Facetime, the massive memory of 128GB and the bigger screen offers a lot more opportunity for the serious iPhone users.

Price – from $579

  1. Wireless Headphones

Gift her a pair of wireless headphones this Christmas and see her enjoying music like never before. Bluetooth headphones are an essential these days doing away with all the wire mess and keep the space clutter free that no women would like.

Price – starts from $240

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

This makes a perfect affordable gift for the book worms. While paperbacks are still the favourites for many, Kindle Paperwhite saves that added space taken up by the piles of books while offering a great reading experience with sharp screen, enhanced type-setting, and the book like feel.

Price – starts from $179

Gifts for Him

  1. Parrot Mambo Mini Drone

The mini quadcopters are making quite a buzz these days and they have already made that mark with the men inclined towards these technology marvels. Although it does not feature a camera, this is a perfect gift for those who love to play pranks.

Price – $199.95

  1. Samsung Gear VR + controller (2017 edition)

What better gift than the latest craze to your loved man, that is a VR? The Gear VR by Samsung allows you to take a tour of the virtual world with a compatible Samsung phone.

Price – $179

  1. Bose SoundLink Micro

Makes for the perfect gift for the music lovers and especially if it’s the Bose sound gear. This latest offering from Bose is a Bluetooth speaker (palm-sized) that can be carried anywhere while it keeps you entertained.

Price – $150

  1. Nikon D3400

If you can raise your budget a bit, the Nikon D3400 can make for great gift for your those who find passion in photography. Available in a compact design, great battery, and a pretty good picture quality, you can buy it with or without the full kit.


Without kit – $450

With Kit – $500

  1. Dell Inspiron 13 5000 (8th Gen) 2-in-1 notebook computer

If you cannot fit a MacBook Pro in your budget, the next best thing would be obviously this Dell Inspiron model. Offering a performance at par with the former with fold back keyboard and a high resolution touch screen with pen support, this makes a great alternative for the tech lovers.

Price – $1399

Gifts for Kids

  1. Hatchimal Colleggtibles

When held in hand these adorable Hatchimal Collegtibles change colour and you can also find your those super lovable Hatchimals inside when you hatch these eggs gently. The season offers over 70 Hatchimals to collect and makes for a great gift for your kids this season.

Price – $16

  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

If you have a teenager at home who loves to click pictures gift him/her this camera to begin with their photography journey. It’s allows your kids to create some exciting memories while they have fun clicking for the first time.

Price – $177

  1. Anki Cozmo

Is your kid inclined towards coding? Then this mini robot is just the right gift for your kids to start learning coding that features big brains and a bigger personality. It makes for a perfect desktop companion along with some cool features.

Price – $270

  1. xBox One S

This next generation console is the dream of ever kid and adults alike these days. The slimmed down design of the xBox One S and with a 4K visual support offers the best movie viewing experience for Blu-Ray and Netflix content.

  1. PlayStation 4 Pro

One of the best video gaming consoles in the market, PlayStation 4 Pro offers an out of the world experience for your game loving kids with 4K gaming, super-charged PS4 that’s faster, powerful and smooth.

Price – $560

Now, that you have the list in your hand all you need to do is to get an ETA Visa to Australia to meet your loved ones and make their Christmas special with these wonderful tech gifts.

How to Download imessage for Android OS?

There are numerous applications that we can easily get from playstore or any other official store. But, there are certain applications that are made only for certain set of users. One of the applications is imessage. This is an application that is meant only for iOS users and Mac users. Android users should not worry as they can also download this application on their device.

iMessage on their Android phone

First of all, this application is simple to use and very useful. While using this application, you can easily share videos, images and texts. The only disadvantage is that if you are an Android user and you have a friend who is using imessage, you will not be able to connect with each other. For that, you will have to download imessage on your device. We know that imessage is not available on Android, and we do not see any hope in future as well. This application is exclusively created for Apple users. It is a marketing strategy that has been adopted by Apple so that customers buy their phones. If you are an Android user, hoping that imessage will be soon available on Android is not right. But, as we all know that this application is available to iOS users and if you want few more details about it then you must visit this site. we have found few alternatives for you here.

  1. Whatsapp : When you have Whatsapp, you really do not need imessage on your device. You can easily connect with your friends through Whatsapp. It is obvious that if your friend is using an iOS, then they must also be using Whatsapp on their device. You can connect with them through Whatsapp.
  1. Messenger : This is an extension of Facebook and a cross-platform app. This is a great platform for all those users who want to use instant messaging feature separately. You can easily send instant messages to your friends on Facebook. As each and every person these days is using facebook, there is a great chance that they are using Messenger as well.
  1. Hangouts : It is also used for instant messaging. This is a platform that has been created by Google. With the help of this platform, you will be able to send messages, images, pictures and many other things to your friends.

As of now, we have no update from Apple as to whether they will be making imessage available for Android users or not. Even if they are working on the same, it will take time. Till then, Android users should use only these messaging applications.

Setting Up an Affiliate Program to Mutually Benefit Internet Marketing

The market is overflowing with various kinds of services and products. Hence, it becomes an essential task for the owners to engage smart techniques to attract maximum number of customers towards them. Designing a unique marketing strategy can procure fruitful result in making the business a huge success.

The fundamental concept behind marketing is to activate a brand and make it visible on almost every public platform. However, you can’t expect to get 100% return on investment or ROI when the marketing is concerned. But there are certain kinds of marketing approaches, where the payment is done only if the sale is fruitful. This kind of planning is a typical performance-based marketing and is known as affiliate program or marketing.

affiliate program or marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, it is an automatic program of marketing that offers extreme benefit in exchange for minimum investment. It involves engagement of four primary sources. They are as follows:

  • Retailer or merchant, who is the owner or creator of the brand
  • Network, which is responsible for a seamless transaction of the deal and acts as a bridge between the affiliate and merchant
  • Affiliate or publisher, who showcases your brand on their website, They can either be an individual or an entire group of companies that will help promote the brand in an effective way, and
  • The customer, who plays the main role in the entire program and completes the entire cycle of affiliate marketing

This program allows you, as an advertiser to engage various affiliates to exhibit your business logo or brand on their websites. The publisher showcases your brand or logo on their website in order to give the brand an enhanced visibility. The customers are redirected to your website if they click on the affiliate link on the affiliate’s website. After redirection, if the customers avail a particular service or a certain product from the website, then the affiliates receive a financial incentive. The entire process is purely performance based and the payment is dispersed only after the successful transaction from the customer’s end. This eliminates the risk of losing the capital that is usually spent for the purpose of marketing the brand. The prospect of sale enhances if you employ multiple websites or clients to showcase your brand.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

The idea of retailer-affiliate partnership is very alluring and yields numerous benefits, which are as follows:

  • Collaboration– You, as the merchant and the publishers benefit from the affiliate partnership.
  • Performance– The entire program is performance driven and the publisher only gets paid after the successful conversion of the customer.
  • Positive Marketing Endeavors– Affiliates are available in every corner of the market and can be easily accessed. Therefore, they thrive to prove themselves by putting harder efforts in converting the potential clients.
  • Validating the Products or Services– When you collaborate with the reputed websites, they give a boost to the brand. This enhances the trust of the customer in a great way.
  • Budget-friendly– The other marketing programs demand investment before the positive conversion of the customer. In contrast, the affiliated programming charges the retailer only if the customer buys from the site.
  • Enhances Traffic– This process makes sure to boost the traffic that increases the chances of the positive conversion in an effective manner. This also enhances the rank of the websites, further supporting the endeavor of SEO.

How to Setup an Affiliate Program

How to Setup an Affiliate Program?

It is evident from the aforementioned points that the affiliate program is one of the most cost-effective methods of increasing the client-base. It helps in showcasing the products and services in a great way. It is a passive way of earning from the brand designed by you. Now, it is important to understand, how to setup an affiliate program? Let’s understand the steps in the below-mentioned points:

  • Reviewing the products in the cocoon– Before exhibiting the product in a website, it is important to know the pros and cons of the same. This helps in the proper projection, which yields greater benefits. A genuine review of the product and its direct comparison with the competitors allow the customers to consider the product seriously. To support the same, various blogs and websites can be developed with valuable contents. While promoting a product in a blog, if you provide the affiliate link, then the results can be worth the endeavor.


  • Building email list of potential customers- Email marketing is a conventional process but has a prompt effect on the mind of the customers. This allows you to reach the potential customers very easily. It also adds a personal touch and gives you a scope for improvement, if required. Hence, it is important to collect the email addresses of the clients, which can be done from the following source:
  1. Hello Bar: This bar of any website needs the email address of the client before redirecting to the desired page.
  2. Exit Gate: A popup appears asking for the email address, immediately when the client approaches to leave the website.
  • Webinars– It is one of the most interesting ways of engaging the customers into buying a particular product. It enables the clients to see a live demonstration of the product. These video advertisements can be spread easily with the help of social media platforms.


  • Go for PPC advertising- It is a technique that has been accepted worldwide with open arms. PPC or Pay per Click is an option that can be opted when the advertisement gains sufficient popularity. PPC advertisement can be utilized in the following ways:
  1. Get more traffic to sign up for the webinars
  2. Boosting the email list
  3. Enhance the sales

You can get paid even if the clients read the review of the products designed by your brand. Apart from the financial benefit, you also get access to the email addresses. This will help you send regular emails about the new products and services.

affiliate program is one of the best options

The affiliate program is one of the best options if you choose to earn maximum benefit from the online business. This will give a fruitful result only if you are aware of the proper steps of, how to setup an affiliate program?

Texting: A Miraculous Tool for All Digital Parents

Tool for All Digital Parents

The most common and most important mean of communication now a day is texting. Texting is ruling this communicational world in this era. There are a lot of negative points of texting which are in focus of all of us. For example texting while sitting with family on dinner table or at the time of breakfast, texting while driving that results as bad accidents, texting while the parents are trying to have a one on one conversation with children. With all these negative things which are part of texting there are also many positive things that make it a useful thing for you. We will discuss these positive things today.

Interacting With the Community

Modern schools have started communicating with parents through text messages. They send messages to notify parents about many things like events as school function, parent teacher meetings etc. It can help parents to protect teens with social media spy apps messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Tinder etc. and keep an eye on kid’s activities while they are not with them. Like if they are at friend’s home then they can contact to child’s friend’s parents by texting, or contacting with the sport coaches. They can also contact community leaders easily so they can discuss any community or social problem with them through texting.

Speedy Communication during Emergencies 

Most smart phones have a built in function system which alert you about emergencies like severe weather or any other emergency which is happening around you. It helps you to save yourself or you can do something for your defense or safety. This can be especially important for tracking down missing children a lot faster with the help of Amber alert system. Meanwhile here are different ways to childproof your smartphone for cell phone monitoring app.

They can also be used in different type of emergencies like if your child is in any emergency he/she can inform you faster than any other traditional means. He/she can text you immediately because in some situations phone call is not possible. This thing allows a safer environment for the children when they are away from you i.e. at school, in the park or any hotel.

Staying in Touch

Another positive use of texting is to keep in touch with your friends, family and loved ones, to make a proper interaction and to make sure the better understanding of why teens use trendy text lingo. If grandparents and grandchildren are living far away from each other then they can contact each other easily through texting. Parents can send a text message to their children to check where they are? What they are doing? What is their activity at that time? Smart phones also have an ability to send pictures and videos. By this a grandmother can see her grandchild while living far away. The parents can see their hostel living child through this. A young couple can send their new born baby’s picture to friends and family to show them that how cute is the new member of family.

These all were the positive points of texting. Although the misuse of texting can show you many bad results as several digital dangers. Encourage your child to use it in positive ways to avoid bad results.


How to Choose Effective Time Tracking Software for Your Business

time tracking

No matter what business you are into, time is one of the most important assets that does not come back. All types of businesses can actually benefit from this tracking software regardless of the size of the business. Some effective time tracking softwares offer so much beyond just tracking time.

Provided you give the right inspection and with a proper management, one can reduce all such issues that arise due to lack of time. Today, let’s discuss how time tracking software can assist you in effectively managing your time and thus increase profits.

  1. Payroll Management 

Some efficient tracking softwares provide much more beyond tracking employee’s time. Things such as creating timesheets which can be later used for payroll purposes. Almost every company faces issues with issues related to employees’ pay. Now, this software will virtually remove that problem. This is the perfect solution for companies that have employees who have odd working hours.

On the other hand, it can be quite challenging even for a payroll team to correctly calculate and bill the client based on a number of working hours along with that to ensure employees receive accurate pays. Using this software, a lot of work gets off their shoulder as everything will be managed by the system. All such calculations can be noted on a timesheet. Since employees will be tracking their own time, payroll team will have less work. 

  1. Let’s You Focus in a Better Way

If employees track their own time and see how much time they are spending on each task or responsibility they can easily improve their productivity. They can see what areas they are taking so much time and thus decreasing their productivity. If needed they can get help from managers or colleagues to finish the task on time. Employees tracking their own time will let them see the whole picture of how good they are or how productive they are at work. This will let them focus better in managing their work. 

  1. Improved Workflow 

When you have an efficient time tracking software at your workplace, you can easily understand every little thing that is going on within your business. It gives you an excellent overview of your business process, how your employees are spending their time, how much time they are spending on each project, project statuses (Finished, work-in-progress), and much more. This is quite useful when it comes it assigning responsibilities, reassigning tasks, streamlining things, etc.

  1. Cuts Down Unnecessary Expenses 

At the end of the day, any business wants is profits. And, entrepreneurs are constantly finding ways to cut down their unnecessary costs and increase revenue. When they have a good tracking software, right from company workflow to business strategies, they will be able to focus better on things that need a little care. Often, we ignore small problems thinking they don’t matter much and by the time they realize they matter, it will too late. This software will help business owners in preventing that from happening.

  1. Easy Client Billing 

One more problem that many companies are nowadays facing is client billing. It is essential to rightly bill the client to avoid any misunderstandings later. Without using tracking software, this can happen in both ways, right and wrong. For example, if your business is one of those companies who bills clients based on a number of hours worked on a project then deploying this software will ensure there are no miscalculations in the bill.

  1. Employees can Manage their Own Time 

If employees use software to track their time then will no longer be bothering about how to explain it to their manager regarding project time taking. They can peacefully concentrate on improving their productivity and where they need help. This leaves them having a bit of a sense of ownership since they manage their own time without the managers looking. 

  1. Reduction in Unplanned Leaves 

When employees can check what they have for days off then they can plan their personal schedules in a better way. Managers and management are going to see this big change when employees reduce their unplanned leaves which will affect their productivity. Of course, there still going some sick leave cases but still, they can see an improvement. This software will help employees in scheduling their time in a better way and flag anyone whoever is blaming the system.

  1. Simplified Job Process Management

It is usual for companies to have some moving parts and some tough responsibilities that they and their employees are bound to do on a frequent basis. In such scenarios, an effective time tracking software can assist businesses in making assignments, tasks, and project management much easier. When organizations have limited number of employees who are indeed working on too many projects at one time, then this software will be extremely helpful. Tracking each and every employee’s time and how much time they spend on each assignment or project will make it easier for them to manage their work and time. 

In the process of deploying this software, your employees may feel little awkward but they will understand the essentiality of this software and how it can help improve the business process along with their work productivity.

So, these are the some of the excellent advantages of a time tracking software and it indeed does wonders in terms of enhancing and streamlining your business processes. Not only by organizations, even freelancers can use it for accurate client billing and increase their work productivity. If your clients want to know how much time you spent on each project then it is a great way to show them as it displays your professionalism. There are a lot of time tracking software available in the market but pick the one that perfectly matches your requirements.

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How to Child-Proof Your Smartphone For Mobile Phone Monitoring

Smart Phone with Security Cameras

Smart Phone with tracking app

Our phones have turned out to be one of our most critical possessions. Not would we be able to make calls, get to the Internet, use applications, and take pictures, yet we can likewise remain associated with our family consistently. However, as grown-ups, we in some cases need to impart our phones to our children, regardless of whether it’s simply to keep them engaged, or to give them a chance to gaze something upward.

If you have children and have a phone or tablet, you know that occasionally they will need to play or study with certain baby applications. There is the possibility that you may need to give the Android phone to your kid as a diversion. You may be trapped in an open transport, waiting room or simply needing all to be calm for a couple of times whereas you utilize the phone.

In any case, it’s somewhat stressing to endow, for example, mobile to a youngster – and that is not bearing in mind the price of the phone. To guarantee your information and otherthings are shielded from whatever your kid may do when they take your mobile phone; you have to set belongings up effectively from the begin. Indeed, lacking a malevolent idea, a youngster on an insecure Android phone can rapidly burn through cash, browse offensive sites, erase things and by and large make a cerebral pain for you. This is the things you can do to make your device child proof.

Many Phone-Locking Choices And Trappings

We all know there are many heaps of incredible applications that will aid you to child proof your Android phone for mobile phone monitoring for your youngster; however there are additionally considerable measures of different things you can do to shield your phone from the irregular, or not really arbitrary, catch squeezing of a tyke. You’ll most likely need to utilize a couple of these strategies together. It can turn into an activity in frustration, so here are some useful hints on the most proficient method to tyke verification your phones:

  1. Off the Controls

You unquestionably don’t need your youngster to change any of the controls on your iPhone or android, so consider disabling the control center. This will guarantee that they can’t turn on flight mode, and they won’t have the capacity to switch on Wi-Fi, or bolt the phone. This is ideal for when you hand your little one the phone so they can play with application or watch a video.

  1. Turn on Limits

Confinements are an element of iOS phones that enables you to have control over a hefty portion of alternate elements and functions. From your iPhone, go to General, and after that Setting, and enable restrictions. You would then be able to set up a password that enables just you to get to the setting changes. You can disable the phone’s camera, FaceTime, and the Safari program. You can likewise set it with the goal that application buying is not permitted, and the iTunes store will be disabled. It’s an incredible approach to guarantee that you have more noteworthy control over your iPhone’s capacities.

  1. Off Wi-Fi

Giving your teen unhindered access to the web is an alarming idea, so simply ahead and cripples Wi-Fi before you offer it to them. While there are a couple of applications and some child kid friendly sites that need Wi-Fi access keeping in mind the end goal to run, it might be best to pick applications that don’t simply with the goal that you won’t need to stress over it. You can have peace of mind when you let your kid play their most loved games or utilize learning applications when you realize that they can’t inadvertently open up different sites and search on the web.

  1. Utilize a Family Tracker

A family tracker is an incredible device to child-proof your phone, and it accompanies numerous different points of interest, also. When you utilize a family tacker outlined particularly for iPhone and android, similar to Family Orbit, you can control what your tyke can do with their phone. Can you guard them, as well as ensure that they aren’t ready to switch up the settings or buy applications. Family Orbit enables you to screen their activities, their on-going area, and then some. It’s an extraordinary instrument for keeping up control of the entire family’s cell phones.

  1. Purchase a Durable Case

To begin with things first — put resources into a durable case to protect your phone from incidental drops and spills. Search for a case that is water safe, just if your phone ever goes for a swim in a puddle (or the can!), and ensure it covers the back, sides, best, base, and parts of the front. Cases produced using great elastic or polycarbonate are normally the most tough to help shield your phone from the unavoidable knocks, drops, and scrapes that will come on account of your little one.

  1. Lock Your Screen

The most straightforward approach to keep your kid from getting to anything on your phone is to bolt your screen with a password, touch ID, or swipe ID. That way, if your phone is left unattended, your youngster won’t have the capacity to open your phone unless she knows your password.

  1. Set iPhone Parental Controls

iPhones have parental controls that empower you to limit any inherent applications, disable application downloads and cancellations, block content, for example, outsider applications and sites, and incapacitate capacities, for example, area administrations and record settings. Parental controls are password ensured, so your kid can’t transform them. Know that you won’t get any important calls or messages while utilizing this component, so don’t utilize it if you are sitting tight for a phone call or a critical email.