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Technology is always full of WOW moments, isn’t it? It can’t be denied how great it feels when we spot the next big trend in IT industry that’s going to change the way we look at technology. Wearable tech is the one on the leading edge.

Wearable devices have progressed so rapidly that it is becoming the most lucrative market in IT industry while giving a huge hike to the application market. From smart-eyewear to smartwatches and health-monitoring wristbands, these wearable devices break new ground for tech giants.

It’s exciting to see how wearable tech has become the new frontier for app development. I have piled up a few facts about wearable device application development, now, it’s your turn to decide if wearable tech is the future of your business or just any other trend.

Read on to know more about wearable devices application development that might help you in deciding whether to choose wearable app development or not, or, if it can help improving your market presence.

Size :

Wearable devices come in a range of size and style with a small display screen that are opulent and chic, ticks all the style boxes. The smartwatch is a great example of wearable tech that can fit neatly anywhere you want to place it. Sony’s SmartWatch 2 SW2 is known as the world’s first Android-compatible SmartWatch that comes up with one touch function NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Lately, I came to know about the latest wearable device, a magnificent small-sized wearable projection bracelet called Cicret that enables the user to manipulate the projected image into their arm. This device projects a tablet interface onto the user’s skin, which allows them to use it as a tablet, wherein users can browse the web, play games, send emails, receive messages and more. It’s completely waterproof. Cicret bracelet is surely taking the wearable technology to the next level.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, Swarovski USB Necklace, USB Cufflinks, Nike+ Fuelband, and iWallet are some of the chic wearable devices at the top of the list that are don’t just look rich but works exceptionally.


Unlike handheld device applications that can be operated in various platforms like Smartphones and tablet, wearable devices are limited to apps only what make sense on the wearable.

Wearable devices are compatible with multiple operating platforms including Android Wear, Google Fit, iOS, MediaTek’s LinkIt and Tizen. They don’t support on-device apps.

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User Experience Design:

Wearable devices in its various shapes and forms come with cutting-edge features to fit the human body that includes biometrics, voice activation and gesture controls. As wearable devices contain small display screen and are constantly attached to the body, you have to follow a minimalistic design approach to create a world-class user experience streamlining the necessary features into it.

Prototyping allows serving the right user interface for wearable device application. I believe, it’s just a piece of the puzzle to design the right kind of user interface for wearable applications. However, brainstorming can help in rapid prototyping idea formation to meet the requisite UX design.

In order to create the right kind of app with the best user Interface and user experience design, you have to involve users throughout the design process and consider all their needs and preferences.

There is a series of wearable device apps that are popular and potentially more fashionable.

Fitness-Tracking and Health apps, Map and Direction apps, Note-Taking and Productivity apps, Online Dating Apps and Informational Apps are some of the top wearable apps that are smarter, accurate and do a whole lot more than you expect from the cool wearable gadgets.


Wearable tech is all set to hit the next level in order to transform the way we live and work. Be it a smartwatch, Google glass, Smart band or SmartWear, these devices are smart, fashionable and moreover portable, which give experiences beyond the every day and keep us connected to the things we love at anytime and anywhere.

As wearable devices have small display screens, they have been developed with limited functionality and usage. Although, wearable applications are more interactive as its functionality is automatic. They are accurate in activity tracking, can track daily activities of a variety of users. Apart from this, wearable devices can be used on a low battery, which is certainly a good part of its functionality.

If we will have a look at the existing wearable devices i.e., smart watches, smart glasses, cameras, sports and activity trackers, 3D motion trackers, and health care devices, they are designed with flawless functionality and have GPS, Wi-Fi, vibrator to meet the fashion-forward challenges.

Wearables must address some important key areas in order to build an enduring business that are the battery life, wireless connectivity, fashion and functionality. It should be small and comfortable with easy features to get operated quickly by users.


With a rising demand of users for wearable devices, developing apps is a must. So, choosing wearable device app development is inevitable for every business. One must need a deep understanding of limitations that’s involved in developing these applications in order to develop wearable device apps. You must work harder to ensure your app will meet the user’s needs. To get more insights into the application development for wearable devices, go through the blog Ten Factors App Developers Needs To Know About Wearable Apps, that might help you clear up your doubts.

I suggest that you choose the most dedicated mobile app developers experienced in multifaceted platforms to develop your unique application.

Image Credit: Forbes Tech Credit Suisse Says Wearable Tech ‘The Next Big Thing’

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