3 common app development mistakes

3 App Development Mistakes That Can Kill Your App

Smartphones have come a long way in a very short period, so has the importance of apps in mobile phones.

Since you are planning to go mobile soon and have a requirement of an app to run your business, you are on the right track. However, creating a perfect mobile app requires a perfect approach or else, a few flaws can actually ruin your app.

For this, you have to make sure that the developer you hire gives a right form to the app and creates it without any hitch.

But, there are some certain circumstances where your decision matters as well.

I would like to help you in identifying some common app development mistakes that you will want to avoid while developing your own app.

app development mistakes

1. In the quest of making an app look beautiful, you might ignore the user experience

The look and feel of the app does matter. However, in the quest of making an app look beautiful, the design pattern, navigation, and features should not be harmed.

Don’t prefer something for a layout that is appealing but difficult to understand or slow to load.

No matter what, when it’s about user engagement, always opt for an easy to understand layout and functionality.

2. Lack of app testing with real users

After you get your app ironed out, you will want to test it to check if it is on track.

Yes, you can test the app, but don’t rely on your own perspective. A user’s perspective is also important to know when planning to develop your perfect app.

You need some real users from the target audience or the beta testers to get feedback from before launching your app. (But make sure they are not the designers or developers of the app.)

development mistakes with testing

A new trend called crowdsource testing has come into existence. You can actually try out crowdsource testing with your app where testers from across the globe will test your app from anywhere and at anytime they want to. Give your app to a crowdsourced testing company, they will take care of it.

Here are some top companies that provide crowdsource testing service: Usertesting.com, Crowdsourced testing, Pay4Bugs, BugFinders

3. Not taking marketing into your checklist

Unless it’s a cure for cancer, “thinking that your app will sell itself” is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

Always have a well-planned marketing strategy into your checklist to increase your business exposure across the app market.

Why do I need to market my app?

The reason why you need to market an app can be broken down into two categories:-

(1) Your app belongs to a completely unique idea that no one has ever come up with and people are unaware of it? In such case, there is a risk that no one will know the presence of your app in the app market and nobody will search for it.

(2) Or, what if there are many other competitors close to your business already exist in the app market? With the presence of over millions of apps on Google Play and App Store, there are chances that your app might go adrift in the sea of apps in the search result.

app development mistakes can be not marketing an app

However, having app marketing into the checklist can address both the above categories in order to make your app stand out.

Know more about how to market your app here.


A mobile app in today’s world is like a magic wand. Everything is just a click away like you wave a magic wand, utter the right words and everything you want is just right in front of you. However, wrong magic spells will do the reverse and might be something worse than expected.

Similarly, when developing a mobile app for your business, it requires you to make sure your app is free of error. The above points are some of the common mistakes that definitely need to be taken care of. Did you find this post helpful for you? Please let me know in the below comment section.

If you have any app requirement for your business, you can contact us for a free initial consultation for your app development plan. We will be happy to help.

  • James Patrick says:

    Great Article…! I am developing an app for the first time and have been focused on the development process… Though I am interested in how I can promote my app in the market and get downloads for it?

  • Preeti Sahu says:

    Hi James Patrick,

    Glad you liked the post! Good to know that you want to promote your app. It’s a great way to pull the eyeballs of your targeted users towards your app. I would like to suggest you one of our article on Beginners Guide to App Market that might help you. Follow the link.

  • Jenny Mark says:

    Hey Preeti,
    Informative article! Another thing that I would like to add is the mistake of slapping long registration forms on the face of your customers as soon as they arrive on your app. With most of the web moving from desktop to mobile, irritating users by asking them to fill long registration forms with the tiny keys of mobile will surely do no good to you! Alternatively, adding social login lets visitors authenticate themselves using their existing social identity. First party highly relevant customer data is the additional advantage. What are your views on this?
    Jenny Mark

  • riktam says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I agree with you. Whenever our mobile application development team for iOS and Android worked on any project we carefully look for an option to register. Mostly we fill data via phone default setting by taking user permission or a social login. Long forms are just out of fashion.. They even don’t work out well for the desktop version of sites and app as well.
    Thanks for reading our blog and sharing your view.

  • hermes h belt price says:

    This post has resolved our problem,thank you very much and hope you writing more good articles.

  • Preeti Sahu says:

    Hi there,

    Glad you liked it and find it helpful! Thanks for your kind words. Stay tuned to Riktam’s blogs for more useful information about mobile app development.

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