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The 8 Most Important Features Your Travel App Must-Have

So you have decided to build a mobile app for your travel company. Well, if you are considering smartphones as a home to more than billion of active users of mobile apps, you are making a smart move.

But if you think you can just publish a travel app and expect the leads and customers to roll right in, you’ve to think twice. Because the chances of generating leads and build a solid relationship with customers from your travel business are pretty slim if you are not building the mobile application with the potential features.

If you’ve ever wanted to have your travel app in the top-of-the-line that would help make it get noticed, liked and engaged with the smartphone users, check out some of the most attractive features below to make sure you are building an engaging app that doesn’t fall flat. This article showcases eight top features that would be helpful especially for the newbies who want their first mobile app to get develop for their travel business.

  1. Search by Holiday type, Lifestyle, Facilities, etc.

Since we are discussing about the top travel app features for consumers, if you are organizing holiday trips, or providing a comprehensive list or collection of indulgent holidays, to have a web search engine to select from its type, lifestyle, facilities, etc., for the holiday trip, it will make easier for the travelers to use the app as well as its facilities.


For example, types of trips such as Summer holidays, City breaks, Beaches, Eating and drinking, Hotels, Epic Adventures, Art and culture, Spa guide, Style, and fashion.

When we are speaking about search by its type, lifestyle and facilities, you can keep the dropdown list as long as you can to ease the traveler’s search such as Luxury trip, safaris, stay and cruise, weddings, train journey, beach, coast and countryside, cruises, desert, islands, lakes and mountains, road trips, photography, romantic breaks, Skiing, Surfing, camping, adventurous trip, adult only holidays, trips for girls, trips with accommodation, trekking special occasions, wildlife, etc.

  1. Browse by Holiday Destination

Where to go and when to go? Who doesn’t want information about places browsing by holiday destination when planning to go for a trip. This particular feature will allow the users to choose the right or we can say the desired destination for their holiday trip.  Not just that, but the holiday destination option also must provide information for choosing the right destination in a particular season or climate.

For example, one chooses Antarctica as the holiday destination, then the traveler must get all details and overview about the climate, when to visit, travel facility, transportation, deal packages, etc.

  1. Create Wish Lists and Save Holiday Details

There are many travelers who browse for holiday destinations in their leisure time and want to save the plan for their future trips. Other than this, there are also people who are not quite ready to book anything but finding lots of places that they would like to visit. A feature in the travel app, where the app users can compile the places they like to visit in future, which would help the travel hopefuls to keep track would be perfect.

Consider to have a feature called ‘WISH LIST’ in your travel app, where travelers can add a vacation to the wish list and save the holiday details for future. This will make the trip planning hassle-free for the travelers and more users would browse and use your app.

  1. Share Holiday Details with friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Apart from just adding and saving a vacation to the wish list, there is another feature that would help the users in planning a hassle-free vacation and that is to “share the holiday details with their friends.” This feature would let the travelers to easily share the wish lists and holiday details with their friends and their travel partners who will have a hand in the travel planning through Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Other than the above top features there are more to add in a travel app to make it a mega hit such as

  1. Itinerary Generator

Mostly, travelers struggle to schedule and make a proper plan for the vacation or the holiday trip.


However, the itinerary generator feature in a travel app would give users the ease to plan a trip of their lifetime. In other words, this feature would allow the travelers to plan trip itineraries on a map around the world, all they have to do is mention the locations they would like to visit and itinerary generator would automatically create a perfect custom traveling plan template in the app itself.

There are many apps out there who are dedicated to providing itinerary generator service like Planapple, Voyajo, TripHobo, that helps the travelers to create detailed, mobile friendly itineraries, as well as they can access and share all their vacation plans.

  1. GPS tracking service to quickly fetch the results

To ensure that the travelers always contact the right people no matter where they are in the world, a GPS tracking service is a boon for the travel enthusiasts. Whether one is traveling to a foreign country or simply going down for a road trip to a nearby city within the country, the first thing a traveler would look for is the nearby places, be it a cafe or a local attraction. If the travel app consists a geo-location tracking service, it will be easier for travelers to track their current location and reach the desired destination by following the route shown in the app.

  1. Cab booking service within the travel app

What more one could ask for, when everything is under one roof! An option to book a ride with the car service providers within the travel app would help one out while traveling through different places. Whether the traveler wants to go to a hotel from the airport, or from a hotel to the holiday destination, if the travel app incorporates a cab service in its features that would be a plus for the travelers.

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  1. Trip reviews

TripAdvisor is one of the great examples when we speak about trip reviews. This is the place where most of the people visit to write and read reviews on different places around the world. Such kind of feature can also be integrated within a travel app, where people can share their experience, which can be read by other travel seekers.


Putting a little bit of your budget from your business into a mobile app adding a few top-notch features into it can go a long way — especially if you’re looking to reach a wider audience with minimal investment, and highly targeted leads. Learn more about how the development of mobile apps for travel is evolving the travel industry in this post. If you are looking to have a perfect project, you need to have the right people to get your app developed. Contact us. We at Riktam, design, develop, test and deliver the world-class travel mobile applications for multiple platforms.

What other features do you have that will help underpin the travel business by providing exactly what a traveler will look for. Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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