7 Best practices to follow when prepping for developing iOS or Android mobile apps

As with most hot topics in technology, I want to start today’s post with a hot discussion on how some practices can help avoid plight while developing mobile apps and what are they.

No matter what kind of app you are developing, optimizing best practices for mobile app development will help you achieve business objectives, delivery excellence and set you up for growing your app business. I am sure you would like to know further, after all, that’s what you are here for. Ain’t it?

To address such detail, I have shortlisted a few best practices for mobile app development that can give you a better chance of success. So, take a look at this short selection of best practices for developing mobile apps.

1. Have Sufficient Time to Create a Mobile App

Do you have enough time to design and develop a mobile app? Developing an app is complicated and time taking. You must dedicate yourself towards making it as there is no shortcut to complete the process in a few days.

You may need time for thorough research to avoid duplicating that is already in the existence of the market. So, ensure that your app is unique and original, and you follow the procedures correctly and deliver on time.

Once the development process is done, it’s time for you to start promoting your app through various ways like social networking, promoting through blogs, creating a landing page, advertising, collaborating with like-minded, forums, submit for reviews, etc.

I believe, you will want to find out how you can promote your app to hit the top of the charts. Here’s what you should be looking out for, the 10 best ways to promote your mobile app to get the right spot on the app store.

2. Think like a Customer

Before developing an app, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Know your customer and their expectations before start planning or developing an app. It’s essential to carefully identify your audience who will use the app and how your app will meet their requirements.

In order to know your customer’s requirement, you have to think like a customer. Identify who are your potential customers is. Where are these customers? Which social networks do they use? What kind of communities are they part of? Talk to them about your app and take their feedback.

Interviewing customers, using statistics from app stores and conducting market research based on your target group can really help knowing your right customer. So, the best practice is to think like a customer, identify the solution to their problem and what they want from your business and, make sure if they are up to the required standard.

3. Mobile app prototyping

Prototyping is basically a software development process, a preliminary version of your app wherefrom the further forms will be developed. It is a step-by-step procedure, which needs you to make a prototype design – share – get feedback – refine.

Have you ever been to art school to learn sketch? Well, that’s not a big deal, though. You don’t need to be a perfectionist to sketch your app. Prototyping is basically the fast and disposable kind of sketch, which you can draw on a white chart mapping crude wireframes, flowcharts and a list of features.

best practices

If you do the prototyping in such way, eventually you will see yourself winding up with a beautiful version of your app. It will help you see and address every small detail as you can group the features together in one page. Understand your customer’s requirement and build your app design according to that.

At the end, the app will be constructed according to the final prototype. Just to let you know, prototyping saves time and large-scale failures.

4. Optimize Your Mobile App Performance

The most crucial part of mobile app development is to know how your apps are performing and what are the flaws lying in it. That’s how you can analyze and improve the performance of your mobile app. Inevitably, it is a part of the development process.

Image optimization, code compression, database queries and content delivery networks are the four most important factors that should be taking into consideration during the mobile app development. However, all of these things will be worth the effort if you do it in the right way.

So, make sure that you test your app on every possible platform. Once you are done with the test, optimize your app again to improve its quality and efficiency and make the user experience better.

5. Mobile Usability Testing

Well, mobile usability testing is nothing but testing your app by a real user. Doing this will aid you identify bugs faster and improve usability that would lead your app towards success.

How can you track mobile usability?

Give your app to the real users to use, ask questions on usability and take their feedback. What you will have to do is enlist your participants, give them tasks, observe, analyze and improve the necessary things.

Usability testing allows you to think-out-loud and users to give real-time feedback, as they perform numerous tasks. You have to collect the necessary usability data throughout the testing, be it about efficiency, accuracy or emotional response about your app. This will help you identify the potential problem areas to put it right for usage and sales, and provide a better experience for your users.

6. Avoid Mobile App Security Mistakes

Mobile app security is completely unavoidable as people using Smartphones and tablets are high in number. Correspondingly, mobile security threats are soaring rapidly. But, this job involves the most arduous of conditions as you have to identify the threats.

In a nutshell, people become more dependent on their mobile phones for using them for bank transactions, online shopping, and bill payments, alike and they demand app security. Keeping that in mind, you have to take privacy and security measures into consideration while developing a mobile app to secure your users and their data.

best practices for mobile apps

They can be presented in various ways; Application based such as Malware, Spyware, vulnerable applications and privacy threats, Web-based such as browser exploits, Drive-by downloads and Phishing scams, Networking based such as networking exploits and Wi-fi sniffing, and Rooting/Jailbreaking.

Encryption of data in transit i.e., SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security), is the best way to achieve data security that one must practice while developing mobile apps.

7. Competitors Analysis

In this day and age, app markets have become more competitive. Agree or not, competitors can be your best medium to learn and rectify your flaws. If you have a competitor then that will be an added benefit to business success. You just have to figure out their strategy and understand their purpose of things they do.

Make sure you understand that learning from your competitors doesn’t mean to copy their ideas, but to follow their strategy on what kind of features does well in developing mobile apps and what could possibly be the drawback for fitting customers’ expectations.

Research on various similar app stores, test your competitors’ mobile apps and identify the benefits out of each. See what people say about your competitors, it will help you identifying the holes within the market on product development.


Working in a technically challenging marketplace, mobile app developers always seek for a perfect set of guidelines on mobile app development that will help them to avoid unnecessary plights. If you have an app idea and looking for some tips and practices in mobile app development to build good apps in a short run, above mentioned are a few beneficial practices that might be useful for you. If you have something in your mind, you can let me know in comments section.

  • Jonel says:

    I like the way of illustration. I would like to get one of my app get tested. I have an iOS app developed with the help of dedicated iOS developer from India but he can’t test with multiple cases and people. I want to know if you can help in crowd testing my iOS app. Or if you can guide me towards how to get my iOS application tested by crowd.

  • Preeti Sahu says:

    Hi Jonel,

    Thanks for your kind words. Glad about your responsiveness and dedication to this issue.

    I guess you already know quite a bit of about crowdsource testing. It’s an emerging trend in terms of getting an app tested which allows more number of individuals to participate.

    In crowd source testing, you will have to take testers from different workplaces instead of testing from the same company responsible for app testing.

    The practice of sending out the prototype to a large group of individuals to share their thoughts and discover the problem areas together by initiating a discussion on the same results functionality safety, better productivity, and is also cost-effective as you will be paying only for the valid bugs reported.

    There are a few things that might help you get to know more about crowd testing:

    Crowd workers or the participants can be from anywhere in the world
    Crowd workers are not tied to office hours, so they can create their work schedule to test an app anytime
    No fixed cost as you will be paying according to various engagement models.

    Like outsource testing, there are some good companies out there for the crowd source testing managed by qualified project managers that you would want to hire.

    You have to enlist all requirements for your iOS app, including device configuration and the necessary skill set of the testers that will suit your project. The testers will also provide all necessary information about their profile including their experience, skill set, availability of devices, background and qualification. The company will determine if the testers are the right fit for your project on the basis of their skill.

  • Preeti Sahu says:

    Hey there,

    Thank you so very much for your time to read the article and find it helpful. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment.

  • koushil says:

    Really pretty article but I use mobile security is these really harmful?

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