5 Top Paying Affiliate Programs for Increased Revenue Generation

Paying Affiliate Programs for Increased Revenue Generation

Talking about affiliate marketing fundamentals, the first question which should be addressed is “What is affiliate marketing”?

The term affiliate marketing means that a publisher who publishes content on his/her website gets paid if he/she is able to send traffic to some another website and make them purchase (through his/her affiliate link) the products or services offered by the redirected website.

This is basically a performance-based marketing technique where a publisher or content curator gets a financial reward when he/she is able to convert an audience into a buying customer. So, how can you do this, if you want to earn through affiliate marketing? Before we get into the top paying affiliate programs, let’s take a quick look at some of the simple but extremely crucial tips to become a successful affiliate marketer:

Always produce unique and quality content – What do you understand by unique and quality content? Your content is unique when even Google can’t find a similar content in World Wide Web. Simple! You just can’t copy content from Wikipedia or any other website for that matter.

Now what about the quality? A quality content always provides some sort of value to the reader’s or audience’s life. If you can do that regularly and improve on that aspect gradually, then you are on the right path.

Be search engine’s favourite and be human’s absolute favourite – Being search engine’s favourite can bring you more traffic and more eye balls to your content and then there are chances that more number of readers will convert through your affiliate link. Overall result? More sales and more revenue generated.

Now let’s talk about the terminologies used in the affiliate marketing in detail.

AOS/AOV: Average order size or average order value is the matrix which shows the average sale value per order.

Orders per click: Orders per click is one of the simplest performance matrixes. It represents the number of sales divided by total number of clicks on the affiliate link. You can improve this matrix by becoming an authoritative figure in the public’s eye.

CTR: Click through rate means the number of clicks you get divided the total number of impressions you receive for your affiliate link.

EPC: Earnings per click is a matrix which represents the earning per sales generating click. It is calculated by dividing total earnings divided by the total clicks which contribute to the affiliate earning.

Now let’s talk about the top paying affiliate programs available for the affiliate marketers. You can leverage the power of these well-known affiliate programs. This list contains only the best programs which are tried and tested. You just need to know the right procedure to sign up for these affiliate programs and you are good to go. Once you know the right techniques of affiliate marketing, earning money through these programs is just a cake walk.

Here is the list of affiliate programs which you should give a try for successful and high revenue generating source.

  • Click Bank: Click Bank is one of the most famous affiliate programs available out there in the market. This is a platform which allows you to market almost every type of product and services available on the planet earth. So, it really doesn’t matter which niche your website belongs to. If you have quality content, you can earn a lot of money with Click Bank affiliate programs. Click Bank marketplace is the place, where you can choose from thousands of products and services as per your website.

As far as the payment is concerned, you get paid every week or two depending upon the payment method you have chosen.

  • Amazon Associates Program: The name is enough! Amazon is the most popular ecommerce website. Amazon has created its monopoly worldwide (to some extent). If you have chosen Amazon as your affiliate partner, then the chances of conversion rate being high are very certain. Because Amazon is a huge brand, and it has a trust factor associated with its brand name. 

And people tend to buy more from a brand which they trust. Although the pay-out rates are comparatively less from other affiliate programs. But its customer base and marketplace are so vast that you don’t have to worry about the availability of products which can be sold with Amazon Associates Program.

  • CJ Affiliate: CJ Affiliate is one name which you can’t miss if you are looking to make money through affiliate marketing. CJ in CJ marketing stands for Commission Junction. You can choose a product or a service to sell via affiliate link by choosing from a various number of categories. CJ affiliates is one affiliate program which always manage to attract big advertisers on this platform.

So, if your blog content have the potential you are in the right place as far as the money making is concerned. Sometimes it’s difficult to get approved for the affiliate programs. But once, your website’s content gets approved the passive income just flows like anything into your bank account.

  • eBay: Like Amazon, eBay is also one of the biggest and most trusted ecommerce websites. If you are an affiliate marketer then there is no chance that you have never thought about eBay affiliate programs. It’s not that easy to get approved for this affiliate program. But if your website gets sufficient traffic per month then that’s not a concern for you.

You get a plenty of products and services to choose from for your affiliate marketing strategies. eBay also provides seasonal offers on holidays which you can use to your advantage to take your sales to another level. It also provides relatively fast payment options which makes this affiliate program even more attractive.

  • Rakuten LinkShare: Rakuten which was formerly known as LinkShare is one of the oldest affiliate programs. This is one platform which have severed affiliate marketers for so many years that it has become a synonym to affiliate marketing program. Once it was voted as number one affiliate marketing program for straight 6 years. 

They also provide some helpful guides and resources for publishers which can be a big advantage if you are new to affiliate marketing. They also have a clean dashboard so that you can manage your ads more efficiently. And like most of the big affiliate programs they also provide a number of merchants and products to choose from.

Making a choice from the top paying affiliate programs is important, but what’s crucial is to know about affiliate marketing, what the terminologies mean, and how it works. Only then, you will be able to make the right choice of the program and be successful in your endeavours.

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