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5 Important Tips to Help Building a Successful Enterprise App

There is a steady growth in the demand for app development in the enterprises. To build a compelling internal mobile app, you need to understand the requirement of your company that a mobile app can solve. You will be investing time, money and manpower into developing an enterprise app. So, make sure you are creating an app that will build engagement with your employees.

Building an enterprise app for your company comes with several benefits, such as:

Benefits of Enterprise apps

  1. It can help solving various organizational or efficiency issues while your employees are on-the-go.
  2. It will help streamlining complicated procedures like data or activity of your company quickly.
  3. Enables effective collaboration between individual people and departments.
  4. It allows organizations to recognize and respond to opportunities more quickly.

Are you thinking of developing a mobile app for your organization? Hold on! There are some common mistakes and issues that you need to know before you start the app development. If these issues are not addressed beforehand, then there is nowhere to hide. You might get only one chance to show your business off in the best light. Here are a few important tips to ensure you are developing a successful enterprise application.

  1.  Design the app with user experience in mind

The purpose of making an enterprise app is to make the work task easier. But, what if the app lacks in performance? What if it’s difficult to use? What if the employees wouldn’t understand how to access to their documents when they need? What if they are unable to make any internal communication with the team members on the go?

The beauty of an app design is it’s UI and UX elements. The enterprise app has to be interactive to meet the purpose of making work task easier. Always remember that a great user experience is simple and intuitive. They are specific to the app and showcase features in a manner that users can use the app with an ease.

Enterprise app UI and UX

An app with a great user experience must have a few important elements such as:

  • exquisite layout
  • excellent navigation
  • vivid attention to the details
  • clear and fast transition
  • meaningful typography
  1. Integrate real-time updates into your enterprise app

While developing an enterprise app for your company, make sure it is operationally responsive. Any kind of updates into the enterprise app should be reachable in the real-time to the users. Based on the real-time updates, they would respond to the changes and use it in an appropriate way.

  1. One of your major concern should be the real-time monitoring for security

“If the app is not available to the open app network, the enterprise systems and documents are secure.” If you are one of those companies who thinks like that, then you need to think twice or more. It’s because an enterprise app gives access to the sensitive corporate information, which can be hacked. Enterprises face both internal and external threats to their data. It needs to be secured.

So how will you know the threats and malicious activities that are targeting your operations on a daily basis? For that you need to have a proactive system that will keep track of activities on a 24/7 basis in your network, servers and other IT assets. That’s called a real-time approach to continuous security monitoring. It is also known as real-time data monitoring or RTDM.

enterprise apps

It allows an administrator to review the entire processes and functions performed on the data in real time. With real-time monitoring you can use the data to track down the malicious activities and stop them before it could cause a damage to your organization.

  1.  Build an app that serves a clear purpose

Just because your competitors have an enterprise app, so you want to own one for your own company, not a good idea. Just to keep up with the trend doesn’t make a good reason to building an app for your company. You first need to understand where an enterprise app can fit in your company. Single out a convolution complexity of your company that a mobile app can ease and deliver better results. Do you want to know when should you consider building a mobile app for your own company? Go through this article “Does your business need a mobile app.”

  1. Don’t try to do too much, focus on task-specific apps

We discussed above “You shouldn’t create an app just to have one.” In the same way, not every single function of your company needs to be on mobile. Consider having only those features, which would be useful for the employees. So, what applications or services would benefit your company through a mobile app? The above-suggested article is the answer to this question. So, don’t waste time developing an app that no one would use. List down all the necessary elements that can go to the mobile app. Select the most important features among the list. Make sure the app supports all those features.


Ensure that you follow a strategy before building a mobile app for your enterprise. The above article will help you plan a strategy for your enterprise app development. For adding new features and fixing bugs, you need to make frequent iterations. It will improve the app performance. You can also have a feature where your employees can report problems or feedback within the app.

Keep in mind, none of this will go in the right direction if you haven’t chosen the right resources. So, lack of resources shouldn’t affect the user experience of your enterprise app. Based on the above, you can build an effective mobile app for your enterprise in an efficient way. If you need help in developing your enterprise mobile app, contact us. We provide a free consultation for your app development plan. We will be happy to help you.


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