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How to Build a Mobile app: 3 Tips for Success

Gone are the days when mobile phones were only limited to make and receive calls and messages. The mobile market is all about apps today. It’s therefore, the app design and development has become as important as creating a successful mobile app.

However, every app available in the app stores are not successful. There are currently over a million apps available across the various app stores. Yet, only a limited number of apps are getting downloaded and used every day, not all. For an app to make it a sure success, it needs to stand out among the million apps for the dedicated category.

In that case, an effective marketing campaign such as pre and post launch of the app might help to make your app get noticed and stand out in the app market. But, the effort to make your app a successful one, doesn’t end here. Because, the target is not just to get users to download the app, but to attract them to keep using the app for long.

Well, this is not just a read but to execute it efficiently. Let’s have a look at the three key phases in order to create a successful mobile app that can ensure these goals are met successfully:

1. Building an app is about solving a specific problem

Identify a problem. Make sure your app provides the solution to a problem of the target audience irrespective of which category the app belongs to, viz. business, entertainment, education.

You need to have a clear vision on what you intend to achieve with your mobile application. The app should be developed to do something useful.

mobile app development for success

If you are building a business app without a purpose and not meeting the consumer needs, in a nutshell, there are chances that the app will fail to achieve its goals and will remain unused by the target audience. Therefore, it’s essential to have your app engaging enough that users will find it useful and will like to share and talk about it with their friends and family.

All you have to do is to focus on satisfying your target customers’ needs. Know your audience and their requirement or that one problem which can be solved or improved through a mobile app. This is probably the most important key to understanding what your mobile app should be designed for.

2. Keep it simple & Make it Intuitive

Simplicity attracts people.

User experience plays a crucial role when it comes to the success of your app. Easier and more intuitive an app is to use, the more the consumers will like it and hence improve its success level.

Do not multiply features unnecessarily, try to eliminate confusing mess. Also, packing your app with features could delay its launch and also possibly over-strain your budget.

Start with a minimal viable product. Have your first release on the market and then you can get to know the users’ reactions and feedback.

minimum viable product for mobile app success

It is from here that you will be able to release an improved second version of the app, possibly with more enhancements that add value to the app.

3. Start marketing your app months in advance

For your app to be successful, you need to promote it well in advance and well before they become available in the store. Do not wait for your app development to be completed for your marketing plan to be executed.

Your marketing plan should cover 3 phases:

  • Pre-launch
  • Launch
  • Post-launch

Show your app for all its worth and ensure that you have a fantastic app description to fuel excitement amongst consumers.


An understanding of all the above three essentials and applying these in the process of building your app increases the likelihood that your mobile app will succeed. If you are in the mobile space and looking for an app to get developed effectively, contact us. We are one of the best and among top mobile tech companies in providing powerful solutions for Android and iOS mobile app development. Being a one stop solution company, we have developed more than 300 different platform applications for our clients.

  • Steve says:

    Aptly said. Agree with your point. Dividing your marketing strategy into phases is a brilliant idea for building a mobile app. We have seen many apps in both android and iOS which were downloaded daily and some were never used. The best thing one can do is, take the feedback from the target audience before the pre-launch, during the creation process of mobile app and also post launch. People do love the newest and latest mobile apps on the market. Seek out and engage with potential customers during the app creation process. Get feedback from real users through forums on relevant sites and social media.

  • Xavier says:

    I remember one of my friends, organized a press meet. He was a part of a team who made mobile apps for both android and iOS devices for a food business. A video promo outlining the key features of the app was shot. While sharing his experience he said, “before launching the app, one should have the full website ready.” Can you discuss further in detail on this topic?

  • Anna Hughes says:

    Building a Mobile app could be a challenging experience, however marketing the app is a totally different ball game. I am happy to know that Steve also thinks the way I think. Feedback is great when it can be given on many different levels, with design and usability being of the utmost importance. Moreover, it helps to understand whether things are going as expected.

  • Albert says:

    Hello! Nice blog… Thanks for sharing!

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